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  1. Hi Lorelei, welcome to FISD. Glad to hear you're considering the white armour.
  2. Welcome to Fizz-d. Please enjoy the complimentary blue milk.
  3. Welcome to Fizz-d! You made the correct choice in taking the white armour.
  4. I'd highly recommend a nice, clean, basic ANH Stunt TK. They're relatively easy to get basic approval with, yet complex enough that a well-constructed kit will really stand out from the crowd. The 501st always needs more stormtroopers. Welcome to the detachment. Keep us updated with your build when you get the parts!
  5. My goodness that is an odd pose.
  6. Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy trooping in your armour.
  7. Woot woot, AP armour is great! Good luck with your approval!
  8. Welcome to Fizz-ed. Keep on trooping!
  9. It looks a little bit like some crazy Imperial scientist found a mortally wounded stormtrooper and decided the best way for them to continue to serve the Empire was through gratuitous gun-legs.
  10. Wow, I completely missed my approval post here, sorry! I saw Joe's first set of feedback and promised myself I would fix up the armour when I got the chance, but never actually revisited the thread until now. I agree with your suggested changes to my fitting; I definitely need to redo some of the strapping that has worn out since building the costume, and tidy up the paintwork here and there. Expect to see my Centurion pictures before the end of the year. Thanks guys!
  11. Sorry two more... absence of return edge on my forearms
  12. Trooper Info Name: Christopher Bailey Forum name: nosferachew Garrison: Connecticut Garrison Legion Number: 66402 501st Legion Member Page: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22859 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 165lb Costume Information Armor: AP Authentic Props Helmet: AP Authentic Props Blaster: SE-14r by Shawn Morgan Boots: TK Boots Canvas belt: TKittell Hand Plates: My Wife @Alay Neck Seal: Darman Pouches: Anthony Bailey from MEPD (no relation!) Backpack: Homemade Pauldron: Trooperbay This is the same base costume I used for my ANH Stunt Centurion build, which is available for reference here: CRL Used: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_hwt I hope to take this to Centurion, so any suggestions related to making it Centurion level are highly appreciated! Full Gallery on CTG Boards: https://ctg501.com/community/index.php?/gallery/album/30-heavy-weapons-trooper/ Front: Back Left Right: Action Shots Bucket Off Cod Rivet Ab Buttons Squishy Silicone Hand Guards "Movie-Accuracy" right side ab male snap Male Snaps in Posterior MP 40 Pouch Details (all are same) Bridge Elastic Backpack Closeups Knee Belt Rivets Sniper Knee Helmet Closeups/Details Weathering I tried to intentionally go light on the weathering and instead of doing many "blast point" scores instead let the scraps and wear spots on my armor from troops catch the black powder. Interior Strapping SE-14R Finally, screwing around with my Union Jack Pauldron. Need to represent as the only Brit in the CTG I greatly appreciate any critiques and for the Detachment staff for taking the time to review my submission! Thanks! ~Christopher
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