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  1. Troop #0012 (of 79) The start of Con season - Supanova, Melbourne 7 Mar 2020
  2. Troop #0011 (of 77) Disney Open Air Cinema - TROS, Melbourne 12 Feb 2020 supporting/supported by TK-76716
  3. Troop #0010 (of 76) Australia Day Parade, Melbourne 26 Jan 2020
  4. Troop #0009 (of 74) The Rise of Skywalker Burwood screening , Melbourne 22 Dec 2019 Rounding out troop no. 6 in five days and the end of my trooping year With my son (Galactic Academy) " I can't believe it's over!"
  5. Troop #0008 (of 74) The Rise of Skywalker Southland screening (Day 2), Melbourne 21 Dec 2019
  6. Troop #0007 (of 74) The Rise of Skywalker Southland screening (Day 1), Melbourne 20 Dec 2019 42 degree heat outside - not much cooler inside (apart from how cool we look )
  7. Troop #0006 (of 74) The Rise of Skywalker Fountain Gate screening, Melbourne 19 Dec 2019
  8. Troop #0005 (of 74) The Rise of Skywalker midnight screening, Melbourne 18 Dec 2019 With the good lady wife
  9. Troop #0004 (of 74) The Rise of Skywalker Melbourne Premiere, Melbourne 18 Dec 2019
  10. Troop #0003 (of 68) Force for Change - Lego League competition, Melbourne 24 Nov 2019 (And yes I've fully re-painted my kit which I'm much happier about) With the lift doors closing With the wife (Pilot) With the high ground with the plans for the future
  11. Troop #0002 (of 64) The Royal Melbourne Show (Day3) 27 Sept 2019 Melbourne 3 generations finding mini-me's and sharing hi-5's
  12. Yup I agree. Thighs were fixed today (trimmed the top and bottom slightly as the tops also rubbed badly on my codpiece). The shoulder bell was annoying me all evening but plan to tighten my inner elastic next time to reslove. I also had three of my magnets drop off and my calves have needed additional magnets to hold them together better too (not really seen in this pic) [emoji16] Sent using Tapatalk
  13. Troop #0001 (of 60) First official troop in my FOTK, Troop number 60 across all my costumes Think Brick Awards night 15 Aug 2019 The Palladium, Crown Casino Together with (L-R) TK-6673, TK-27120 and TK-19819
  14. With a heap of thanks to previous build threads from multiple members, particularly "@Ruthar" "@ukswrath" and "@JAFO", thanks to jimmi for supplying an awesome kit, and thanks to my own blood, sweat and tears (literally all 3), I am super proud to have had approved my own TK after a reasonably accurate 270 hours effort over a 6wk window. Sent using Tapatalk
  15. Please update my access as a recently approved TK. Thank you https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24130 Sent using Tapatalk
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