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  1. Albert, while your here, find out what Garrison is close to you. Talk with them, get advice. Often armor will be sold to Garrison members that might be affordable. Many Garrisons have armor building parties. Even if your without armor, attend these as you can help while you learn. This will also benefit you later when you submit your own armor for approval
  2. Not interested in the prize, just like to look ahead. Figure Centurion is the best of the best. That is where I want to be. Hope to join the crowd https://imgur.com/gallery/GOOY3
  3. Been trying to contact TK Boots, no luck so far
  4. Where we get messages, I found it. I am blind or the perfect trooper and can't hit it since I did not see it lol. Now I feel like the crazy church lady from Saturday Night Live " never mind" on a positive, great job guys
  5. Not sure if I am blind, but can't find the mail button.
  6. Just my 2 cents. I am building my armor so I can troop for kids. If asked, I will troop for wounded warrior or any other approved troop as I can. That said, I am not for the politization. As they say, some subjects should be taboo in polite society. Now when Disney has their gay pride days, if someone wishes to troop for it and it's approved, then it should be good to go. I am positive nobody would complain about a LGBT group on Facebook for outreach to fellow members who have a interest.
  7. Damn wallet is gonna be light, please tell me you might do a helmet too?<br><br> On edit...<br> How well will this kit be got the vertically challenged but horizontally blessed? <br> Ok I admit, short, yet beer enhanced lol
  8. I do, I was browsing and ran across it. Was interesting as it was fiberglass
  9. <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='https://www.ebay.com/itm/152358028063'>https://www.ebay.com/itm/152358028063</a>
  10. RS Prop does do a tailored suit. But so you know, it ain't cheap. I looked at them myself.
  11. Was playing World of Warcraft, currently aggrevated with Blizzard for messing up my game. Used to play Battltstar Galactica online but used to much Data. Tried Pokemon go
  12. I wouldn't call me a introvert, but one who does not like crowds. I just think it's to long in the Army. Have no clue on how I will be once my armor is done and I get in a garrison. I get along great with those I know, have fun. Hoping it helps, but if not, it's ok. I will work through it
  13. Damn, I have officially been corrupted. I spotted the gloves lol
  14. Is it just me or do the gloves look like they are Nomex and not rubber? Also , body suit looks more like its ribbed.
  15. Hi Diana, just finished reading 21 pages (holy frak) and your build is amazing. I am looking forward to building mine. I booked marked the thread for reference and thanks for so many pics to refer to. Oh, and my cat is looking forward to the brown boxes lol
  16. Yep, reported this morning also, the person claims he is removing Jim's pictures, but still up. Personally, would never buy from anyone who does not use their own pictures. It's a integrity thing
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