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  1. HI mate, The guys are correct, you can reach me via email paul@pwhitrow.com Many thanks, Paul
  2. Really impressed with the work you're doing here dude, great job.
  3. Great write up Jesse, many thanks. If anyone wants to know more, please message from my page facebook.com/trooperamp Best, Paul
  4. This is really cool and shaping up well. I created a product called BlastFX earlier in the year that is available as kit, and can be coupled with an animated mini display. More information is here: https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1753634708009867&id=964476920258987 What you've done here is not far off what I did, including the logo at start up and site display. Would love to see a video of yours working?
  5. Fantastic job dude, really impressed. If anyone is interested I do a fully assembled light/sound kit (and also a mini sight display kit) that makes the electronics easier. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1753634708009867&id=964476920258987 Not trying to highjack the thread as I've been watching with interest and love what you've done.
  6. Outstanding work mate. Really hoping that BlastFX will fit into it too.
  7. Oh that's odd. You can go to the main page facebook.com/trooperamp and look at the recent posts bud, it's about 3 down I think.
  8. Great work bud. If you wanted to add a working display to your scope I may be able to help you out. Here's a look at the kit: https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1753662984673706&id=964476920258987
  9. Yes bud you can power them in that way if you wished. Sent from my Wileyfox Storm using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks bud. The port is always on the board as it's also used to program it. You can power it from there but the module does come with power wires soldered to it. I simply used the USB port during the video as I didn't have a spare battery to hand. Sent from my Wileyfox Storm using Tapatalk
  11. Cheers buddy. Recommendations from you guys are everything. Sent from my Wileyfox Storm using Tapatalk
  12. Just to add my two penny and self promote, I recently released BlastFX (weapon electronics for various blasters) on my page facebook.com/trooperamp and an accompanying mini sight display. Feel free to check them out and use the Send Message button to chat directly if interested.
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