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  1. What size oil drain pan did you use yours is square the crl pics have a triangular frame 

  2. The oil drain pan is now squared now not the triangular one And info on what oil pan they are using now?
  3. Did they change the crl for the heavy weapons trooper pack? If so where is the new information please.
  4. With the pack on you cant even see it so in my opinion dont need it
  5. Keep me in mind if you do another run of stickers please
  6. How did you bolt down boxes I need to see pics cause I'm told that's how it's done. I wanted not to cut the food containers leave top on and rivet them to no parking sigh just cut down those wings.
  7. Does the glue hold the photo box on the parking sign good. It looks like the bead of glue is flimsy have any body in here have a better solution and wont jeapordize approval for the 501st?
  8. I dont think its thick enough check and see I do believe it has a thickness requirement.
  9. I see thank you didnt wanna use regular screws
  10. Yes I thought it was an antenna tube but yes
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