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  1. What a fun night helping raise funds for the Children's Hospital at Providence!
  2. I ordered a pair from him on Halloween of last year. He took 6 months longer than he quoted me, but I did eventually get them. TBH my crappy ebay shoes fit better but at least I didn't get stiffed. His FB Group is here
  3. Our local Mercs were participating in the 4th of July parade in Wasilla, and invited us to join in. Lord Vader isn't one to miss a chance to show off, so the Aurora Borealis Outpost jumped at the opportunity! We had participated in the parade the year before, and the harrowing tales of those who lived to see the end of it insisted we have a float as opposed to walking. There were many bloody feet last year. This parade moves fast! Jade, our epic Mando, was kind enough to put together this float for us. one of our newest recruits DZ 99654 took every opportunity to high five kids, and tried to make off with TK 8678's blaster. Jawas, am I right? Look at all that white armor!! As always, our handlers are the BEST! Thanks to ID 62832, IC 84864 and our other two helpers for keeping us safe and looking our best!
  4. It took 6 months longer than I was quoted but the boots finally arrived today. I tried them on and I'm not nuts about the fit. None the less, I'm glad I have a second set of boots.
  5. Welcome! Glad to hear you're gonna take up the knife! But this particular thread/ forum is for the Legacy Female armor. You mentioned ANH Stunt. The forum for that armor can be found here. Best of luck!
  6. Your friendly neighborhood 501st was invited to attend the American Heart Association Heart Run in Anchorage last weekend. 10 members total came to troop early in the Saturday morning sun shine! It's spring time in Alaska, and being outside in armor is SO nice. Shout out to Jen (IC 84864), the lady in the middle. She did a Troop the day before, worked an overnight shift at the ER and then came to another Troop! Girl is bada$$. Much love! Our fearless leader Lord Vader was able to hang out for the first half of the troop. While the cats away... ID 62832 ripping off my hero pose.
  7. Nope. I was told they were going out weeks ago but I haven't heard anything since.
  8. Was there any more development on this? I might just be missing it...
  9. Yeah no word about boots for me either. He said he would send the out Fed 3rd, and nothing since. And yes to the group photo!
  10. Sorry to hijack this board, but after months of pestering Gio finally messaged me that the boots will go out this Friday. Let's hope so!
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