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  1. It's been ages since I started the build! I've been busy with my personal life and works, but decided to get back on the build to get my minds off a bit. I started modeling the bucket to get the most accuracy, especially since we have 360 reference in hand. It's actually my first time modeling something that's not natural, so I've been struggling a bit with using one of the worst program (Maya, since I am not comfortable enough with CAD) to do the job, but I guess it's getting there and I am happy about it. There are a whole lot to do left, but I just wanted to show you all to say that the project is still alive.
  2. Will do! After hours of digging, I think I now have at least 3 different scenes of each sides in full body shots saved for my reference folder. I’m glad that they are having some good amount of screen time on the animation. And the sweet new backpack!
  3. Yup. I am going to tackle it down slowly. Thankfully, it’s not using any grill or mesh details so at least the surface prepping after the modeling-the toughest part-would be fairly easy compared to the movie TKs. Would this need a CRL discussion thread? I’m sure I won’t be the only one who are interested in this armor.... hopefully.... Here’s the current status of the torso. Chopped the yoke out to test fit the chest. I still need to move around the details to get the accurate locations.
  4. To be honest, I was one of those who were skeptical about the new TK design in Resistance. But it grew on me without knowing and when I saw the new backpack for FOTK, I immediately thought I should make one. I already had a FOTK kit that I got from someone but it wasn't in a great shape since the previous owner made a mistake on some parts, which was a reason why I got it for VERY cheap price. I am a very short and small so I had to make major modifications anyways. The problems were that I had to make modifications without touching important details, which is so much harder in FOTK than OTTK. But it seemed like making animation version armor would take about the same amount of work even though I would need to scratch build some of the parts. Making FOTK smaller: new 3D printed forearm, heat bending parts into shape, moving some detail parts to make them look proportionally placed, new 3D printed helmet to be proportional, etc... Making animation FOTk: same above, but without moving detail parts and instead, scratch building parts(probably 3D model them and print). I will try to model the new helmet and the forearm designs myself and see how it goes. I gathered some reference photos and this video shows the turnaround of Commander Pyle, whose armor is near identical to regular troops. And this image shows some good details of hard-to-see areas like inside of the forearm. Here are the photos of the current state. I will be cutting yoke down and make it to be streamlined with back and rebuild the ab piece from scratch.
  5. Oh my god this is so gorgeous! I'm sure the people in the future will discover this and believe that Star Wars is in fact, non-fiction! Are you doing the helmet also in steel?
  6. http://www.shoretrooper.co.uk/ A little bit of search got me this.
  7. Yes! An update! How do you think about trimming the neck line of the chest piece and pushing it up a bit? That’s what I did for my OTTK and that made my torso look smaller. I would wanna try bending the yoke a bit inwards for my kit but idk if that would help a lot.
  8. Ooooh I was definitely looking for a short FOTK thread and you were the one! I accidentally got a kit(someone gave me an amazing offer) and had to get some help resizing without major makeover. I am thinking about 3D-printing the forearms because 1. Outer parts are missing from my kit, 2. It looks ridiculously big on me and resizing is basically impossible. I hope you are going well with your build!!
  9. Wooh!! Thank you everyone! I didn't expect it to be approved this quick! I now can tell people short troopers can still be accurate with confidence. (Like scale models!)
  10. Name: Jamie Park TKID: TK-96302 Forum Name: Crema Garrison: Old Line Garrison / Korea Outpost Armor Maker: ANOVOS Helmet Maker: ANOVOS Blaster Type: 3D printed, scratch built parts + Disney electronics, bottom parts (Grip, folding stock) EIB URL: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/39179-tk96302-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-anovos-650/ Height: 5' 2" Weight: 110 lbs Full body front Full body back Full body sides Ab/Kidney attachment + Kidney notch Ab buttons Kidney/butt attachment Hand Plates Shoulder bridge back Shoulder bridge front Back/chest connection Thigh pack Knee plate Drop box back Cod/butt attachment Strapping Wrists Helmet Front Sides Back Hovi mic tip Lens S-trim Blaster Neck seal TD back Holster attachment I triple-checked it but in case I missed anything, please tell me and I will add them right away!
  11. This was faster than I thought! Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will work on the details soon and I hope it would become more accurate and better fitting for Centurion!
  12. No need to hurry! Please take your time. I totally see that there are so much more new posts being posted recently. Thanks for your time!
  13. I have noticed that the body armor was mounted a bit low, so I took another photo with it mounted higher. Also the helmet padding edited to sit higher and thigh armors are reduced in width to remove the extra room and make holster to not be diagonally hang from the belt.
  14. For the models used in the movie, I am assuming they used paper for the costumes for the better suiting texture for smaller scale. The netting seems like it is just another layer of laser cut paper, not actual netting. For full scale costume I think you do not need to follow actual medium! Hope this helps!
  15. Name : Jamie Park Legion ID : TK96302 Forum Name : Crema Garrison: Old Line Garrison Armor = ANOVOS Helmet= ANOVOS Blaster= Disney+Heavy mod(Scratch built, 3Dprinted parts) Height = 5' 2" Weight = 105lbs Canvas belt = Hand made Hand Plates = Joseph (Sonnenschein) Electronics= Fan, Disney blaster sound, TK Voice+Speaker Neck Seal = Modified ANOVOS Holster = Darman Armor Front Back Left Detail Right Detail Strapping Cod, Butt rivets Ab buttons Thigh ammo Helmet Front Side Back Hovi Lens S-Trim Accessories Holster rivets Neckseal Thermal Detonator back Boots Gloves Blaster Left Right D-ring Charging handle Action Shots Please let me know if I am missing anything/can't see photos!
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