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  1. I agree. I am really pleased with the quality of it. Can't wait for the rest of the armour.
  2. That's guys. Ordered darker lens material from Trooperbay.
  3. Do you know a good spot to purchase replacement lenses or lens material?
  4. So I just received my AP helmet and the lens material they use is very, very, very easy to see through. I am just wondering if it's supposed to be more reflective, or harder to see through then this? As you can tell via the picture, my eyes are clearly visible. Is there a lens I can upgrade to so this doesn't happen or does everyone else's lens allow your eyes to be seen? Thanks for the help.
  5. Still waiting on my armour... Mid May I think is my estimate finish time.
  6. I'm one of the people waiting on the armour. Can't wait!
  7. Indeed! Not sure what the goggles in the "old" days were like but these are pretty decent.
  8. I have never bought from him but from what I can see, his stuff looks very good. I really was tempted to purchase the Clone Trooper rifle, since I have wanted one for so long.
  9. He's always updating his Facebook page with the status of new armours he's building and also just random quirky videos.
  10. It's really not that bad if you are used to wearing something like this all day... As long as the helmet padding or rigging you have on the inside is good, you'll be fine. And it's something you easily get used to as well. ------------
  11. I really like the new look to the tie pilots. I honestly think I like it more then the originals. But for that price, it's hard to justify. The standard line one will likely be around 250$ which is a little easier to deal with.
  12. I'm on his Facebook group and from what I can see, everyone is really happy with his Armour. And I see a lot of people getting approved too, so you should have no problems with that. He also has a good variety of kits he sells as well, so lots to choose from.
  13. You realize Anovos kit will likely be twice as much as Jim's? I'm guessing almost 2k.
  14. Good start so far... There's a guy on here named Jimmiroquai who makes the First Order kit out of flexible fiberglass so you could give him a PM if you want. I just hopped on the wait list and it looks like I will be on the July run. I am basically in the same boat as you though. I currently have the helmet, boots, gloves, balaclava, neck seal, blaster, undersuit and icomm/ Aker setup. I am now just waiting on the armour and the pouches...
  15. I have the First Order standard line helmet and I am a bit worried about this too... Guess we will find out when the time comes to paint.
  16. I am now on Jim's list! Took the plunge and looking like I will be on the July run.
  17. I'm waiting on my kit from Mark too. I ordered end of December I think. I too am a bit concerned on fitment because I am a very skinny person at 5'10.5", 150ish pounds.. Very skinny arms and such, so I'm thinking I will have to cut the bicep and possibly forearm sections to make it smaller.
  18. What's the wait time like on Jim's kit?
  19. Awesome! All these new things coming out will hopefully be applied to my order!
  20. Thanks guys, regardless of whether it increases heat, I am going to do it. Not on everything but some parts definitely.
  21. Hey guys, I am a very skinny person and I have heard of people putting padding in the armour to fill space. This is likely the route I am going to have to go and I am just wondering if you had a link to some padding that I could use to do this? Not sure if there's a specific one that people use so I am just checking. But yeah, I'm definitely going to need to put padding through a lot of my armour, and especially the arms. That's where I am mostly lacking "quantity" lmao.
  22. Not a great photo but the best I have right now.
  23. To be honest, I never asked if he did anything other then E-11's. I guess it's worth a shot... At this point though, it's looking like I might have to try and build my own or look for 3D print files.
  24. I already bought an E-11 from Brett but as far as I know, he doesn't do the others that I am looking for. That's why I was asking if anyone in Canada did the ones I wanted.
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