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  1. I saw that these chelsea boots are on sale at Kohls right now. They seem like a good possibility for converting to white, and don't have any seams on the front. There is even an extra $10 off with code. Of course, they are imitation, not real leather, though. What do you guys think? https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-2911525/apt-9-edgewood-mens-chelsea-boots.jsp?color=Black&prdPV=4
  2. Thanks for sharing the picture of the original helmet, Paul. You mentioned you have a scrap of accurate trim, also. Would you mind sharing a picture of the end of that trim, too? Then we can better see how it compares to the other ones in this thread.
  3. Paul, would you share a picture of your small piece of old trim that was perfectly matched to the original? While it isn't needed for this thread, that would be awesome for us all to see!
  4. Gazmosis's holsters are a bit more expensive, but they are another amazing option. Reach out to him if you're interested.
  5. I've seen this blaster in person and it looks amazing. The details are really awesome. The T-tracks he mentions fit perfectly and are very snug into the blaster.
  6. Don't be nervous. You're in the right place to learn. The best thing is for you to carefully watch the many build threads and learn from those who have gone before you. If you'd like to see both what to do and not to do, look at the centurion application forum. You will see many example of very well built suits--but even on those, occasionally small details need to be corrected before approved. In fact, a lot of the same small issues tend to repeat, so you can learn a lot by studying them and not making the same small mistakes. I'm sure with your research and help from others here, you will do great.
  7. I bought one of these for my son, so I know what you're looking for, but I can't seem to find any on eBay anymore.
  8. Someone who knows the helmets better will have to tell you more definitively, but at first glance it seems not right. It doesn't seem to have the "duck face" quite right and little serials seem "off" to my untrained eye. As far as the armor, it looks terribly made. Look at the pictures at the end of the guy going on a date (?) with a stormtrooper chick and singing. There are deep seams on the side, mis-sized parts everywhere, pieces with different colors, pieces with the wrong shape, and other problems. It seems the way Rubies is for the OT stormtrooper--nice at first glance, but terrible when you look closely.
  9. Skicom, see all the other posts in this very thread warning to stay away from jedirobe.com.
  10. The Dave M decals on Trooperbay will work perfectly on ATA helmets.
  11. No problem. Feel free to copy the links into your first post, if you'd like. Thanks for finding these screens. They are awesome!
  12. Oh classic! In the one with the HWT firing, the guy next to him has his dropbox caught inside his thigh piece!
  13. These should be viewable: These really are high res (except for the last one.) Zoom into them and you can see some amazing detail in them. I never noticed that the heavy weapon trooper has a camera monopod on the back of his rifle. There is a lot to see about the seams and other little details of the armor in these, too. For example, you can see the legs have faint rectangle shapes on the inside, and many of the biceps appear to have shims on the inner seam. In one, you can clearly see the overlap of the forward bicep seam, and in the same photo, you can see the crotch armor is cracked at the top. (HWT trooper with the normal rifle.)
  14. By the way, I thought about this more, and it doesn't even have to be extra cloth of the shirt. You could attach additional cloth to extend the sleeve with the velcro. Or you could even just sew on a velcro strip onto the overlap area. I'm not sure which way would work better, but either way you wouldn't need a bigger shirt then.
  15. Here is a really rough drawing of what I mean. In this the black is the cloth and the red is the rubber weatherstrip.
  16. If you can use a shirt with a slight larger arm than you need then you attach the rubber strip to the cloth leaving a small part of extra fabric at the end. Attach the velcro to this area of extra cloth and then you only have to overlap the cloth--not the rubber stip.
  17. Could you guys share any pictures of how you mounted your Akers in your chest armor?
  18. Yeah, weird about the tube stripes. I thought I recognized the large bump area on the side of the helmet. Anovos is the only ear covers I've seen with those so long and uniform. You can also see their style in the sharpness of where the frown meets the teeth.
  19. This argument has been repeated over and over and over, but it doesn't really apply in this or other situations. The average joe would not tell the difference between an old FX armor and a fully approved centurion, unless they were put side by side and pointed out the exact differences. Yet, we still promote working toward excellent centurion armor and celebrate those who achieve that level! The FISD and this forum are completely about understanding the details in the armor and trying to make the best possible--pushing the levels of quality. What the average person can tell or cannot tell doesn't matter when discussing armor here. If the average person were the standard we go by, then there wouldn't really be any usefulness for the FISD at all.
  20. Sure I do. Speculating is fun, and people do it here on the forum all the time for movies, toys, armor, events, whatever. So let loose, indulge, and join into the guessing of the future!
  21. Ok, let's drop that other stuff and try to get this back on topic... If the Rogue One stormtrooper armor ends up being as bad as it seems to look in these photos, is there any chance the 501st could choose to NOT accept that armor? Maybe we're wrong and these armors won't be in the movie, but if they are, wouldn't it be a huge bummer to set back all the great progress that's been made improving the armor standards?
  22. It would have been so easy for their production team to tap the dozens of 501st members who have vast knowledge of the OT armor. Even if they wanted to change it afterward, it would have been a great place to start. What a huge missed opportunity.
  23. I seriously hope these are not the real stormtrooper costumes they are using in the movie. It's like they took armor making back 15 years. More of it seems similar to FX armor than to any of the current fan made kits. (And then they assembled them poorly.)
  24. Right, but what Paul was saying was this just happened because they were running around in this scene--not because this was planned how their armor should be arranged. In the Luke surrenders scene, the ab doesn't look over chest to me. Looks to me just like the trim on ROTJ armor at the bottom of the chest piece.
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