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  1. So the rivets got removed and and the ab plat buttons are flipped. Still am waiting on the epoxy sculpt to harden so I'll just move on to things like the forearms next while waiting on the epoxy and velcro. Anybody have suggestions how to fully close the gauntlets?
  2. So just to preface this, I’m not expecting to troop in this any time soon if at all. See I managed to snag this suit not only on a whim…, but also the exponentially cheap (it was ridiculous at how little I nabbed it for) and I always kind of wanted one even if I was just going to mangle it. I already have a TIE reserve and so this simply isn’t the primary. My intention was intending to go for the Clones but I just stumbled onto this and without seeing another seller whose asking price wasn’t a kidney and my first born child, I thought “why not?” and just got it. So it got here within a day and I frankly don’t see much wrong with it outside of what I've already known about like the button plate being upside down, the heretical rivets on the shoulder straps, etc. I'm going to frankly take this piece by piece as to not overwhelm myself but also make some progress as incremental as it may be. I'm in no hurry to finish it and I already have an approved suit so I'm just going to take my time. I just figured since ROTJ is used in most builds and this has the most resemblance to it I'm probably in the right ballpark to do this. Lets begin; 7/20/2019 I cut off the stock fabric strapping seeing as it's not very good and I could see this snapping at some point. I'm not going to bother with the chest today seeing as I have work soon. I'd like to know if I could just cut the part with the rivet holes off. It seems like that's more of a hassle in refilling it than it's worth and I could use that epoxy sculpt on other things like refilling the holes on the chest plate. I also feel like the detail on the pectoral region is a little soft. Maybe it's just me but I feel something is up with it. It wouldn't be difficult to correct if it is though and probably no more than a few hours of work to make that sharper.
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