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  1. With extra research, it seems the lid is 12 inches cubed approx, based on rpf and other sources. Crisis averted
  2. Hey guys , I'm an aspiring maker embarking on a project to create a TK stunt suit, building a vac former etc, I also have access to a 3d printer. I am in need of a set of rough, standard measurements for an ANH stunt bucket, as I've searched the interwebs and found no accurate dimensions. I understand suits are tailored to the user , but without a start point its real hard. If anyone could at least help me some , any, rough data, it would put a smile on my face, and help a TON. I'd love to start a build thread on here as well, when I'm able to get started. Big thanks
  3. I've come across some rough measurements on the rpf of about 12 inches cubed, is this about right ?
  4. Hey guys, just wondering whether anyone has a rough set of dimensions (ear to ear, front to back etc) of an ANH stunt bucket, as I'm soon going to vac form my own. Any info would help
  5. Hey guys, I'm In the process of building a vac former in order to be able to create accurate armour, and the main part of the helmet I'm struggling with is finding a set of basic measurements to build from. If anyone could share rough measurements of an ANH stunt helm for starters (ear to ear etc) it would be a great help
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