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  1. Love the Soviet outfit Kirill! I've got a bunch of CCCP militaria too, that's my second hobby lol. You're in the right place for help, and that's a great attitude to have, Welcome aboard Tovarish!
  2. Oooh Rah my dude! very well done. I only expect excellence from my boy Pyrates
  3. 1. Dave 2. Polewski 3. TK 22788 4. Letter (landscape) 5. Andrew Franke Centurion 327 Cheers! Good on ya'! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22788-centurion.png
  4. OH MY FREAKIN GOD! I just took a look! THank you Andrew so so so so so much and thank you to all my dear FISD friends here. Shout outs to my dear friends Pyrates (Aaron Gibson), Soulart (Teresa Nuthall), Chris Willis, Jorge Maldonado, the Shanester, JustJoseph63, Kris (Haso) and of course Andrew for letting my aboard and Tony for all of his help. You guys rock and thank you so so so much
  5. I suppose it would probably be prudent to get working on my EIB for ANH, I think everything is up to snuff
  6. I did the same thing but opposite I'm going to start my ANH-S EIB thread soon! Double EIB baby.
  7. Good Luck Raul! I also got through the ESB build If you need anything just reach out.
  8. I can fit my glasses in there with my AP kit. I put extra padding in the front of the helmet interior on the forehead, and less in the back to allow a bit of room. It's a squeeze but I can fit big framed glasses in without much issue.
  9. Thanks bud lol. I know I've been preoccupied but I'm back!
  10. Name: Dave Polewski TKID: 22788 Forum Name: ComradeDave Canadian Garrison Membership Profile: http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21936 EIB Thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38907-tk22788-requesting-esb-eib-status-ap-637/?hl=22788 Armor Maker = AP Helmet Maker = AP Blaster Type = QuestDesigns ESB E-11 Height = 6'3" Weight = 150 lbs Boots Maker = GH Bass Amsterdam Painted Canvas belt = TKittell Hand Plates= AM Type = ESB Electronics = Knockerbot Helmet fans Neck Seal Type = Geeky Pinks Phantastic Gaskets Holster Maker = AP Not much has changed since my last EIB shoot so there may be one or two photos from last time, because I had a pro shoot it, and they look better and are still the same. I have fixed minor things here and there as per Tony and Andrew's suggestions from EIB, but I think I'm ready for it... Here we go (deep breath). Full body (Last time): New: Back Sides Side Detail: Ab/Kidney Butt/Kidney not fixed Handplates: Shoulder Bridges Back and Front: Back-Chest Connection: Thigh Pack: Knee Plate: Drop Boxes and Belt: Cod and Butt: Interior Straping Kidney notch Forearms: Helmet: Hovi Mic Detail S-Trim Blaster: Neck Seal: TD: Holster: Thank you for your consideration and patience! Sorry I've been AWOL for a while, hoping to get my ANH-S EIB up soon!
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