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  1. Daniel, Paul, Tony & Joseph: thank you all for the advice and letting me know about the sale. I ordered a kit from RS :)
  2. I live in the US, but am not opposed to buying from overseas if it's for a really good kit. I feel like I'm drawn to RS and AP now, but how accurate is AP's bucket compared to RS?
  3. Hi, so I was "this" close to buying stunt armor from TM and know that he is no longer recommended as a vetted maker now. Who would you say most closely resembles his work...so screen accurate but without the lumps, etc on the bucket? I'm a 5'7" female. Thanks.
  4. Ha! That’s funny, Junos! So which maker do you wear, if you don’t mind me asking?
  5. AP def looks like it's the smallest in this photo. Of course, because TM is my favorite so far.
  6. Thank you for the link, gmrhodes13. That thread makes it appear that they do vary in size, but not much...or at least that was my take on it. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Hi Junos, I personally don't think you look like a bobblehead in the BS helmet. Typically, I find that most men don't since you all tend to have more muscular builds; therefore, it looks pretty proportional no matter the height. The vendors that are on the top of my list and why are WTF (lower cost), AP (several women seem to wear his armor) and TM (screen accuracy). So far TM has a slight lead because I'm not so big on the blue-white of some of the others, but maybe I'm wrong about this? I'm just not sure if TM's helmet is bigger because on some of the centurion builds that I've looked at it seems that the helmet looks huge on shorter people. It's bang on for guys who are 5'10" and 180 lbs (and bigger), but I'm more like 135 lbs.
  7. Junos, I’m 5’7”-5’8”.
  8. Well, I've done some more research and now I know which vendors are vetted and which to avoid, thanks to this site. Since I'm not a very tall person, are there some vendors who offer smaller helmets over others? I'm afraid of looking like a bobblehead.
  9. Hi, I've been searching the forums for this info, but all I've seen mentioned is 850 Armor Works for armor and HeadShotProps for helmets. Are these two the only options for recommended vendors if we want ABS? If so, are there other makers who will soon be added to the list of approved vendors? Also, is the ROTK armor more comfortable to wear than OT armor? It looks like it would be, even if just a little bit.
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome, and am glad to hear that I’m on the right track
  11. Hello Crookknight, thank you for the generous offer to help us newcomers!
  12. Hi! I haven't purchased a kit yet because I'm still trying to decide which armor I want to buy. Is it possible to have something that will be versatile...for example could ANH armor also be used for a Heavy Weapons Trooper with the right modifications? And then eventually turn it into a Sandtrooper once it becomes all scuffed up?
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