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  1. So I'm here... About to leave work and I'm wondering if I should completely carve out the rest of the front sight or leave the part that the actual sight post screws into attached and as one single piece. Accuracy wants to go one way with it... Time and labor wants to cheat. If I remove it ill wind up notching out the tube and all that. Meh... I'll think more.
  2. Just finished sanding and inspecting the whole deal-ee-o. Looks pretty good from what I can tell. I took a bunch off the bottom of the scope and the parts of the stock that will be visible and exposed. I still need to go in and take out major areas (like on the front sight with my hand drill and files. I'm going to try and get a lot done tonight. i have to work tomorrow. front sight dust Still need to fit the shape of the tube to some pieces but not much or for many. also need to look at where i need to start sanding off bits for mods that are on the way. i guess that'll be sanding and general fitting v. 2.0 - after that some detail work (enough to satisfy me at least.)
  3. So I think I got my Doopys kit way back in 2014 as well as a new/more accurate magazine from gazmosis (top notch work by the way, thanks again!). I finally got back into the swing of things and decided to unpack the kit and get it started. I have been reading and following many of the other impressive build threads and have enjoyed seeing all of the different mods being made. I have also sent out for a completion kit from T-Jay and hope to have a lot of the parts ready by the time it arrives in the mail. This is my first E-11 build and I will try to document as best I can along the way. I want to do a lot of the standard modifications I've seen and maybe try some more advanced things as the build progresses. For now its a bath and drying. Still in original shipping box from the UK. I think I must have moved with it 2 or 3 times by now... All the parts are here... I think. (thats a joke) I'll be looking at each piece of the kit to see just what needs to be sanded lightly and what will need more attention green stuff and other things if needed. Overall ,in my less than expert opinion, the kit seems sturdy and is full of some pretty fine detail. i plan on hitting the whole thing lightly and then going in with a small file to clean up edges. I'm really excited to get started! wish me luck. My first update should be of some parts all sanded up and fitted somewhat.
  4. Totally awesome! Great work.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a brand new member but have been poking around for months looking at builds and reading... and reading some more. Ive been a huge Star Wars fan my whole life and I think its about time to dress the part and get involved with trooping. I have seen and read what an enormous impact a group of troopers can have on people, especially with the young-lings. I can only imagine how I would have felt if a TK garrison showed up on a bad day when I was a little kid! Hell, I know how I felt this summer when I was at Phoenix ComicCon and saw all that shining white armor (all I wanted to do was Jump up and down screaming HOLY S***! REAL STORMTROOPERS! GWAHHHH!). I'm 25 and just finished college here in Arizona. As of late I have found my self with some free time on my hands to build a legit suit of armor. I know I'm in the right place for that. I just pulled the trigger and got an eFX ESB 30th Anniversary helmet. I plan on modding it out as soon as it gets here. This place is full of knowledge, respect and some of the coolest DIY projects I've ever seen. Eventually, I plan to have a full suit of ESB TK armor to troop in with the 501st. But for now the lid in in the mail! Long Live The Empire. Original Trilogy 4 lyfe!
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