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  1. TK-58425 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21752
  2. Officially now TK-58425 Thanks all
  3. I was asked about some interior strapping. Nothing unusual about it I don't think. I only have two straps on the codpiece but it seems to work well so far. Might need to beef things up once I start trooping.
  4. Mobility seems okay. I'm going to give it a bit more of a run through. Vision is super limited. I can adjust the helmet forward slightly but I'm dealing with a cone with a diameter of about 5 feet all the way around me. Little scary. If anything it restricts at back of legs a bit, though walking seems totally fine. July 1 is a target for me...submitted to Outer Rim and 501st. The parade is a bit intimidating. That's a long time in the armour, and all that walking, if something is going to unsnap, it will do it there. Still looking for a good cool, non-irritating black compression
  5. As above, yep the cod is separate from the ab. It's good though because it's really adjustable. At least I don't know any better and it didn't bother me. This is what it looks like unsnapped... I haven't posted in a while, and I've been slowly working away at it. I did a big push this weekend and I think I got it all done (we'll see what I missed) and I submitted my application. I'm 6'3" and this is how it fits me on my first full wear....
  6. 6'3, 205, 34 waist. I'm building rt-mod and it's working great. Needed to trim very little. Kit is fantastic, service from Rob is great. Local detachment seemed impressed by the quality of the armour.
  7. I got on the wait-wait list in April of last year and I took delivery Feb of this year. Worth the wait. My armour is almost done, Rob is great to deal with, and it's a blast putting it together.
  8. Thanks for the pic. It's good to get some verification on these things. Once I get the chest on and fitted with the abdomen I'll make the final adjustments for the codpiece and get the straps on.
  9. Lots of time has gone by and I'm starting to bog down a bit. Gluing snap plates is full of doubt for me. I keep telling myself it's not like a cut, I can fix it easily, but nevertheless the going is slow. Here's where I've got to. Shins all done... Awesome 3d print received from a friend... E-11 received from Quest Design Canada (great to deal with).. Thighs don't line up at top so decided to cover with cover strip... Gluing what feels like an eternity of snaps on ....Placement may be off with some. I'll see when I start strapping. Now trying to fig
  10. Great. I'll charge ahead. I want to get as much of the basic gluing done as possible so I can get that help for the tricky bits.
  11. Arms are just finishing up now, and i'm moving on to shins. There are some pre-drawn lines which I assume are for me to to cut. If I cut on those lines then the raised edge distance will be equal to the cover strip width. Instructions for this part are a bit confusing but they must go together the same way the arms do.
  12. Forearms done two ways. I figured I might as well partially shim the other arm while waiting for the clamps and magnets to be freed up from the first...
  13. Rob has been great. Amazing what he does. Long wait list but totally worth it.
  14. I think I may have messed up something major. Bicep and forearm have an inner and outer. But since I was using cover strips, I just butted both those raised edges together and put a cover strip on top. I think that might be wrong. Bicep looks like this. *** Reading some other RTMOD threads it does look like that's how it is done as above.
  15. First big decision time. I need to open the forearms up by 16mm, so I'm going to go 8mm per side, then put the cover strip over them. It's the only way to get my hand through. So I taped and tried, but the 15mm cover strip looks like this, and I don't know if it is acceptable. I could cut some of the extra ABS I have to make a wider cover strip. I'm not worried about durability as I'll be shimming the inside, it's just looks. I don't mind the look of it, but I don't want to have to take it off later and fix it.
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