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  1. I’d be happy with any of these on a patch. Great work all of you.
  2. My ANH I can put everything on myself. If I have everything laid out and some parts connected I can probably suit up in 5-10 minutes. My FO I can do about 95% myself. With both it is a lot easier and faster to have help. Handlers/squires/supporters or whatever you call them in your area are awesome. I also like having some rebels or jedi around since they can also help out.
  3. I see myself there in the background of the video. Do you have any pics of both of us with Kylo? Got a lot of patches and stuff for trade when I visited the awesome people in UAE outpost so I am just spreading it to other troopers.
  4. By mid november I guess you mean Scifi Stockholm? Will be great to see you there. Maybe I need to bring my KB as well.
  5. Hear, hear. I have always gotten the nice merch I have ordered. Getting that envelope with the trooper on brightens any day.
  6. Just noticed that it says ANH stunt and Rebels on my EIB cohorts. Should be ANH stunt and TFA TK. Can anyone with magic forum powers change it?
  7. Thank you Tony. I will adjust and then get new photos for Centurion. Before I go ahead I just want to check so I understand. It is the bell and bicep on the right that should go down a bit? You have circled the elbow area as well. Should that be adjusted too or is it just a consequence of the right bicep and bell being a bit too high? Fixing the ab button should be easy enough and I can tighten the elastic on the back-kidney a bit.
  8. Name: Andreas Engstrom FISD forum name: Coil 501st Member Page: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17434 TK-24269 Costume Information Mandatory Information Armor = TM Helmet= TM Blaster= THG props Optional Height 190 cm/ 6’3” Weight = 85 kg / 187 lb Boots = TK Boots Canvas belt = Trooperbat Hand Plates = white latex from Sonnenschein Electronics= Aker and Troopertalk Neck Seal = Darman Holster = Darman Front Back Left Right Side detail Action Cod-butt Ab details Interior strapping Bucket Neck seal TD back holster attachment Blaster Beginning to see a pattern in some other posts so adding a D-ring pic
  9. So, I have made som changes and submitted to my GML. Dropped biceps and fore arms a little to get a more reasonable distance from the hand guard. Tigthened the elastic between back and kidney. Reduced the thickness of the drop boxes and adjusted the position of the hip. Thanks for the help.
  10. Must be a weird shadow and reflection. Both bells look about the same and have no damage.
  11. Thanks. Will drop bicep and forearm a bit. I do have rather long arms. The thighs are easily adjustable with the garter. I will measure the drop boxes but they are probably more than 15 mm. Good thing I used E6000. Dave, credit for the helmet goes to TM. I had him build it since I didn’t feel confident doing that myself. The rest is me though (good and bad).
  12. Name: Andreas Engstrom Garrison: Nordic Garrison Armor maker: TM Helmet maker: TM Cloth belt maker: Trooperbay Neck seal maker: Darman Boot maker: TK boots Height: 190 cm Weight: 85 kg TK type: ANH stunt Feedback appreciated especially on positioning of thighs, up or down? Forearms and biceps. Increase distance between them? Drop both? Shoulder bells feel like they are about as close as I can get them with the width of my shoulders. Is the small gap between back and kidney ok? Goal is to go for higher levels of approval in the end. Front Back Left Right Helmet Inside
  13. Andreas Engstrom 24269 EIB A4 Andrew http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/24269-eib.png
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