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  1. An airbrush helps when painting figures in this scale. But when painting shadows and highlights it helps to be aware of color theory and not to be afraid to mix in other colors. White is one of the most difficult colors to paint in my opinion. Lil Nairy is a fun challenge.
  2. The crl pic of the cape is a bit confusing though since it only shows one strap on the red edge and one near the pockets. I feel a bit uncertain about the material of the strap. In the crl picture it looks just like the fabric of the cape (glossy black). Is it really leather/pleather?
  3. Any one of Greg’s designs would look awesome.
  4. I am 190 cm (so 6’3”) and have a Troopermaster kit with the XL shins. I have no gap in the back as you can see in my Centurion thread. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/44243-tk-24269-requesting-anh-stund-centurion-status-tm-381/ I do have the cod pulled up as far as I can though and I straightened the top of the back slightly in hot water to allow it to slide down a bit further and still sit tight.
  5. Check out this fan film featuring First Order TKs. Well, Vader and Kylo mostly but we all loce the white armor best right?
  6. I’d be happy with any of these on a patch. Great work all of you.
  7. My ANH I can put everything on myself. If I have everything laid out and some parts connected I can probably suit up in 5-10 minutes. My FO I can do about 95% myself. With both it is a lot easier and faster to have help. Handlers/squires/supporters or whatever you call them in your area are awesome. I also like having some rebels or jedi around since they can also help out.
  8. I see myself there in the background of the video. Do you have any pics of both of us with Kylo? Got a lot of patches and stuff for trade when I visited the awesome people in UAE outpost so I am just spreading it to other troopers.
  9. By mid november I guess you mean Scifi Stockholm? Will be great to see you there. Maybe I need to bring my KB as well.
  10. Hear, hear. I have always gotten the nice merch I have ordered. Getting that envelope with the trooper on brightens any day.
  11. Just noticed that it says ANH stunt and Rebels on my EIB cohorts. Should be ANH stunt and TFA TK. Can anyone with magic forum powers change it?
  12. Andreas Engstrom TK-24269 Centurion A4 Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/24269-centurion.png
  13. Thank you Tony. I really appreciate the time you and Andrew put into judging these. I have learned a lot by looking at other people’s eib and centurion threads. When I came home today the family had made me a stormtrooper mud cake to celebrate.
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