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  1. This is an awesome thread. Thank you for the time you’re putting in and the detail you are including. I’m learning while I continue waiting for Anoshow... One question about the bolts for the belt boxes and shins, etc. how do you get the placement of the bolts right when glueing them? Am I right in assuming that you temporarily hold or affix the boxes in place, with the bolts sticking through their holes? I know this might seem obvious - but it’s somethng I’ve been pondering in the virtual build inside my head.... thanks
  2. Hi Glen. You mentioned a down under paint that matched the Anovos helmet? I'm in NZ (not Aus). Was it Supercheap Auto? Or something else? And could you share the specific brand and colour (and any product codes?). It'd be great to get a local good match. Thanks
  3. It’s a good thing none of us wanted to wear our Sequel trilogy FOTK armour - while a sequel trilogy movie was still in theatres...
  4. Thanks for all your work Joseph. Congrats on having the courage to be upfront and make the decision to look after yourself and your family. We'll always be here.
  5. I feel like a coke addict hanging out for my next hit. Only my 'hit' is the hint, promise, taste of a new 'intended' delivery date....
  6. Hey - sorry for the long delay in replying. Just measured it. it is 33 cm from end to end.
  7. Good to hear you got it working. Could you share/show the one that worked?
  8. Simply amazing! Congratulations on a great build. You have a very lucky son.
  9. Any takers on this question (about where to find the 3D files for the forearms). I'd be keen to hear too? Thanks
  10. Thanks. We’re in an interesting situation as most discussion focuses on taking a TFA kit and turning it into TLJ - whereas I want to go the opposite direction and take a TLJ kit and return it back to a TFA... fun times ahead - and I’m sure the CRL will be updated before Anovos actually ship anyway.
  11. So I’m trying to use the time spent waiting for this armour semi-productively (instead of spending it making voodoo dolls of Anovos executives..). I’m trying to work out what the specific differences in the TFA vs TLJ armour are (not the helmets as that’s clear). I’ve poured through all the other forum posts and old CRL building discussions - but I can’t seem to find a definitive list of differences. What’s driving this is the comments about the armour seeming to be TLJ and I’m wondering just what will need to be changed to make this TFA approveable. I know that the cod is different (thinner) but there isn’t a clear explanation about which level of approval this difference is required for. I also know that the end cap on the TD is a different colour - but there were some old forum discussions about the size/length of the end cap maybe being different and I can’t see any description of where this ended up. There was also some old discussion about the spats maybe being different? I’m sure I’m not the only person wanting to make the TFA version of this armour - from what seems to be a TLJ version that is occasionally shipping. Can anybody help clear this up for us all (or if I’ve missed an exisiting thread about this, point me in that direction)? thanks
  12. Did anyone else notice in Anovos' last update that they are still listing the armor as 'The Force Awakens' despite previous info suggesting that it is TLJ? AND - that they show TLJ helmets as a separate item still awaiting shipping... Am I foolish to still be holding out hope that when the full orders begin to ship I might actually receive the TFA helmet I expected and a set of armor that can actually be made into TFA without having to get 3rd party extra pieces?? (and I know - some will say I'm still being foolish expecting to get anything at all - let alone the specific version of armor I actually ordered)
  13. Thanks Tony That is incredibly generous. Q is In Australia while I'm in New Zealand - so not quite one box since we're in different countries... There might be some other locals here in NZ though - let me ask around (Maybe Q is in the same boat over in Aus?).. Thanks again for the offer.
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