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    FISD Merch

    Brian Williams but the order was for Laura Williams, so either of those. If you did get the coins mailed out to us, how can I actually get payment to you?
  2. netslave

    FISD Merch

    I think you might have me mixed up with someone else. I don't see any tracking matching that on my USPS account and my paypal still shows that the payment is pending," "FISDmerch@centurytel.net hasn't accepted yet." I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm not thinking they are headed to my house. =/
  3. netslave

    FISD Merch

    I have a pay pal payment that has been pending since March 17th (0BV55505SW503112X) for 2 phasma coins. Can I get an update on that order?
  4. Cool, I appreciate the pic there. I would say that even still, unless you're wearing the cape in a way that is not approvable, then you still wouldn't see it, therefore should be consistent with the TFA Phasma CRL. And yes, I'm saying this because I don't have one ready for my wife's approved TFA Phasma. If it's required, I'll assemble it. I just don't see the need to make something that is hidden under a cape. I'm concerned with being SCREEN accurate for basic level.
  5. Unless the Thermal Detonator is seen on screen (haven't seen a copy at home so I can't pause the fight scene), I wouldn't require it. Just like with TFA phasma. It's not required, even though we know it's worn at least at some points. It's never seen in the movie, so why require it for level 1. Same for the details of the cape. If we don't actually see the pockets on the cape in the movie, we shouldn't make that a basic requirement. Level 2 or 3, sure. But not basic.
  6. Can someone add me to the facebook group (501st Legion FISD social group)? It's been pending for a while.
  7. Yeah, I like that they put ventilation into it. I started to do that on the gaskets I made for my wife's Phasma but I suck at sewing so it didn't work too well.
  8. I have an old sweater that I think could pass as gaskets in a pinch. ------------
  9. https://www.ardmoor.co.uk/orca-bay-brecon-chelsea-boots-ob-brecon I chose the 'Elk' color as the 'Havana' have a texture that I don't think matches the reference pics. Either way, with weathering, I don't think it'll matter which you get. And the pouch is a Yugoslavian M56 ammo pouch.
  10. Ariel - TK 50419 - She's requesting Stormtrooper tag and 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19619&costumeID=124
  11. I love this new armor. I'm really thinking I'll mod my armor to match. All the haters out there are crazy!!
  12. Exactly my thought! We don't see any of the other troopers in the other movies, why can't the TKs on whatever planet this is, be slightly different? In the end, I don't feel like the TKs are 'supposed' to be any different than the TKs in ANH. Sure WE pick out the differences, just like we pick out the number of rivets there are and where. I think these were made for action sequences in a movie (removal of the holster, more movement due to the ab section being broken up, thighs cut short etc...), but they were supposed to be real, honest to goodness, ANH TKs. Do we want to look like a Stormtroopers? Or do we want to look like low paid movie extras wearing a costume? We'll make a new CRL for these, sure, but we shouldn't nitpick the costume too much.
  13. The TKs themselves have a lot of differences. No holsters. The kidney is totally different. The Chest and back look like they are held together with black elastic. the Kidney and Ab go together differently. Smaller drop boxes I think. And a plastic belt from what I can see.
  14. TK - 10602 - Requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19015
  15. There are about a million different options you can use. Mich pads, cut your own foam, replacement hard hat liner, or even something like a full liner as seen here. ------------ Really, just depends on what your style is and what you want inside your bucket.
  16. I just added these to my wife's soon-to-be Phasma. Great mod! I'm trying to think of what more I need to use magnets for now!
  17. Are there magnets on both sides of the clip or is it just metal on one side?
  18. It looks VERY much like the blaster Obi-Wan kills grievous with.
  19. I appreciate all the work you're doing and look forward to stealing all of your secrets.
  20. My opinion, the CRL says two screws. But it doesn't say no holes. We can add a small patch of material behind the holes to make it look better, but they are just holes. That shouldn't stop anyone from being approved at a basic level. With the state of some costumes that get approved, two small holes in the belt shouldn't be the cause of a lot of headaches. Not just for the GMLs, but for the applicants as well. FISD should agree as a detachment that removal of the screws is fine, and communicate that down to the GMLs. That way, everyone matches the CRL, technically, and if they want higher level of approvals, they can buy a new $37 belt. EDIT - If we're going to worry about two holes, then we need to worry about the visible stitching from the velcro as well.
  21. I plan on using fiberglass to back any parts that need a little extra strength. It's a cheap and very effective way to fix thin spots.
  22. Exactly. It doesn't meet EIB+ but for basic, there's no reason to say what we see wouldn't pass basic approval. GMLs shouldn't be making new applicants meet 2nd and 3rd level requirements just to be approved.
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