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  1. Well, I just recently learned that Ruger, in a silly attempt to stick it to California's handgun safety roster, pulled sales of all of their firearms in CA a few years ago. All they've successfully done is stuck it to their customers here. So, that means that my "DL-30 Blaster Pistol" build is on hold indefinitely unless I can find a private party to purchase the pistol from. I have another idea for one built from an M1 Carbine. Maybe I'll tinker on that while I wait for the parts for my E-11 to arrive.
  2. Wow, so it looks like for the version with the AR-style retractable stock, they've converted the front portion of the old E-11's collapsible stock into a folding forward grip. That's a genius idea, actually.
  3. The armor definitely looks good. I like how it appears functional and doesn't go for the tired trope of trying to over-sexualize female armor. The only thing I see an issue with, from a functionality standpoint, is the boots, which are just asking for a twisted ankle if you ever had to engage Rebel scum in a firefight.
  4. I'm trying to decide between going with the classic trilogy style of Stormtrooper armor or the New Order variety. On one hand, having grown up with the classic era Stormtroopers, they seem much more iconic to me, and more recognizable. However, with the release of TFA in a few days, and with my ability to buy armor being almost a year away, by the time I'm in a position to get armor of my own (my goal is to have it in time for Halloween), they'll be pretty mainstream as far as the recognizable Stormtrooper goes. I also think the New Order armor looks better. The new troopers, to me, look more intimidating. I'm not looking for someone to choose for me since I'm aware the decision is ultimately my own. I'm just looking for insight and comments from the rest of the community on the matter.
  5. In short, it's when someone makes a cast of a cast. Basically, if you build your own prop using a guide (screencaps, step-by-step, research, etc), you have a replica. If you then create a mold from that replica and cast parts from it, you have what's called a "cast." If someone takes one of those casts and creates molds of their own from it, and then casts parts from that, those are called "recasts." To sum it up: Replica > Copy > Copy of Copy Some people frown on the practice of recasting entirely, while others only frown on recasters that claim their products are true castings.
  6. That doesn't much change the perceived hypocrisy that people are feeling. It still comes across as a "do as we say, not as we do" attitude. They're putting their own costumed actors with blasters on the scene, but then they don't want any 501st there with blasters? What are they afraid of, exactly? The crowd certainly won't be able to tell the difference.
  7. There are female troopers in Battlefront, both with and without helmets (the fact that troopers can go into battle without helmets is a matter for another debate). Fully armored female troopers look almost identical to males, just with very slightly slimmer builds, and they wear the female trooper armor that has the slightly narrower abdomen armor. Female troopers with their helmets off look just like the helmeted ones, except...well, without the helmet.
  8. Oh, wow. I actually wasn't familiar with that version. I always looked at the ANH version. I guess my knowledge on the lore wasn't as up to snuff as I thought.
  9. Slightly off-topic, but it appears they sell replica Sturmgewehrs, which are the basis for the A280 blaster rifle.
  10. The rails are what got me. It depends on what you think the T-tracks are supposed to be. I always assumed they were some sort of heat sinks meant to bleed heat off of the blaster barrel. However, they could also be handguards that allow you to hold the barrel without burning your hand. If they're supposed to be heat sinks, the U-tracks seem like they'd work better for that, being thinner and having more surface area. However, if they're supposed to be grips that insulate your hands while still allowing an air-cooling effect on the barrel, the T-tracks seem more appropriate. Of course, the entire debate is somewhat moot, because the real reason the blasters have T-tracks is just to disguise the Sterling somewhat and make the blasters look more unique and more futuristic.
  11. Masked men with guns, yes. That's why I said I can understand the aversion to troopers carrying blasters unless it's a big, sanctioned event like a parade or a fan film or something. The idea of a rational adult actually being scared by seeing someone in a Stormtrooper outfit is baffling to me, honestly. I know that not everyone is familiar with Star Wars, but when you see a guy that's obviously wearing some kind of costume? People get scared way too easily.
  12. I can understand not wanting weapons, especially realistic looking ones, but the mask rule is pretty absurd. If someone's going to carry out some sort of attack at a theatre, they're not going to leave their mask at home because it's against theatre policy. It's safe to assume by that point that they don't give a damn about the theatre's policies if they're going there to attack people.
  13. Just wondering if anyone's considered building a version of the E-11 present in the latest Battlefront game. I'm at work right now, so I can't post any screenshots, but from memory, there are three dramatic differences between it and the standard OT E-11s. First, instead of T-tracks, it has U-tracks. These appear to be flat pieces of thin metal bent into a U shape and screwed into the heat shield holes such that the two tines of the U face outwards. Second, rather than a thin metal rail running from one of the heat shield holes to the rear sight, the rifle has an actual, solid physical rail on top, welded or even molded into the receiver itself. Third, the muzzle has a flat cap on it with a single hole in the middle, rather than the offset bayonet socket found on the original Sterling. I'll post pictures when I get home, but I've been considering building one of these as a side project while I wait on the parts for the official ANH E-11 that I'm building.
  14. It looks really authentic. Very nicely done! It seems like something that could be an official Imperial detachment, like a specific special forces branch or maybe elite bodyguards, something where a unique uniform would be used to stand out and say "Watch it, these guys are elites." Very cool.
  15. That new blaster rifle looks pretty slick. Interesting that they swapped the power pack and counter to the right side. That placement doesn't make any sense for right-handed users. The armor looks really good, too, though it appears that the New Order helmets are going to be even more difficult to see out of.
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