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  1. Great newsletter! I'm thinking I might need to head back to Canada some time, you guys always seem to be having fun!
  2. I had a young girl come up to me and ask "Are you my dad?" To be fair, her dad is also a TK, but 6" shorter than me
  3. Thanks for posting this. I thought the original reveal was amazing enough, but to see how much work has gone into it raises it to another level.
  4. That is awesome Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what your TK storage look like.
  5. My High School enrollment number (of all things) was 2425, for some reason it's always stuck in my head... I just added an extra 2 at the end for balance (and to make it a 5 digit number)
  6. I love the WTF look on the trooper on the right. Who says TK's can't show expressions!
  7. That's awesome Tim. Perhaps a bit much to put on FB next time someone bad mouths Stormtroopers, but a fun read all the same.
  8. Apparently Mythbusters are looking into the "myth" about the aim of the Stormtrooper (which we all know is awesome). http://www.cnet.com/news/mythbusters-summer-plans-test-star-wars-stormtroopers-blow-up-a-boat/
  9. Please enable 501st access for TK24252 Thanks, Sam http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18832
  10. ShavedWookie


    Quite possibly the best cameo in the whole history of cameos! As obsessed about SW as I may be, Bond runs a really close second (so close it may be a tie). The end of this year was already looking fantastic with both Spectre & The Force Awakens, now it's just a little bit better
  11. I love the idea that old imperial uniforms, ships, weapons etc. are still being used. It makes more sense for cast offs to be re-purposd. Though, by this logic, Dengar should have been wearing clone armour parts, not snowtrooper. (I might be slightly over analysing)
  12. Height is good, at 6'4" it's nice to see a 'real' sized character in Ep7 that I can copy. It will be interesting to see if all Captains wear chrome, or if she is unique. From the pics I have seen so far, this character is the one that seems to have more of a Vader factor than any other.
  13. Cool idea! General theme song would be "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen Music to enter a room would be the end bit of "Domination" by Pantera (starting about 3:50 into the song)
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