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  1. Thanks just what I was looking for I have ocd that makes me go full throttle if I do something. Trying to be screen accurate Is my goal
  2. I’d love to do a Centurion Stormtrooper build , But I’m finding it difficult to find the. The Centurion Stormtrooper Accuracy Set in stock anyplace. Anyone know where I can get it ?
  3. I love to be Precise
  4. Thanks I see what I’m trying to go for now I also see the ear doesn’t set flush that rocks
  5. I’m noob as noob can be not proud of it but it is what it is. With that said I’m currently looking to build a sand trooper setup and I wand to be as perfectly real as possible or not do it at all. When it comes to the ear parts on the bucket is it two screw or one on the outside. And how many louvers are there 3 or 4 what the right one for the sand trooper pic is just a reference not mine at all
  6. Thank you for all the advice yeah I’ve decided not to go with TKUK I stumbled across the Facebook page Buy or sell trooper armor just going that direction
  7. So I found some armor made by TKUK but I haven’t heard anything about them does anybody know anything
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