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  1. CrucialTD

    Boots ?

    Just was informed by a lvl2 specialist that they are the same as his so I’m confident in them
  2. I’ve been told these only will work for level 1 I’m blasting for level 2 any help would be much appreciated
  3. CrucialTD

    Boots ?

    Mmmm I really don’t see much difference from the one that the others say are ok
  4. CrucialTD

    Boots ?

    I decided to get these https://www.thefryecompany.com/products/jackson-chelsea-3480649-80649-black
  5. CrucialTD

    Boots ?

    https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0690545001.html how about these
  6. CrucialTD

    Boots ?

    Do you think that I could just cover that with something and maybe they will pass
  7. CrucialTD

    Boots ?

    Do you think that I could just cover that with something and maybe they will pass
  8. CrucialTD

    Boots ?

    https://www.blundstone.com/shop/black-full-grain-leather-chelsea-boots-mens-style-063 so I scored a shadow trooper suit and I was wondering to get to level two clearance are these boots the correct ones
  9. CrucialTD

    Sandy bucket

    Would post a pic of my bucket build but it say my photos are to big
  10. I added a new post today with pics I can’t load them here for some reason
  11. So got a set of used stunt armor and I’m not happy with the space I have between the lower part and kidney plate. How HOW can I fix this , and I need to bring it all just generally in I’m skinny.
  12. 5”11 A New Hope Stunt armor
  13. So just got a suit and it seems I have a large space between the backplate and kidney. I always see these two parts snapped together but in no way could I try that. The suit seems like it was for a few pounds heavier guy than me.
  14. Explain The no Centurion with mepd? Cause I’m trying to build a Centurion level build move along trooper
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