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  1. A better photo of the finished blaster i did some time back :-)
  2. Hey, Daniel :-) Welcome here. And nice to see you are looking into some armor :-) These guys/gals are the greatest, alot of help here.
  3. yes, offcourse. drop me a pm with email and ill sendt it to everyone who want it
  4. serial om mine m19 scope: c794....seems there one more number, cant make it out. 1942 is the year of production
  5. It's cnc from a real kobold. but I'm going to compare it to the real deal. A mate has the real thing.
  6. seems a little off, think we just have to keep digging.
  7. hello, just a quick question. A friend of mine bought a armor and his tighs have diffrent hights, this would be a problem for approval, right? i do believe it, but need to ask you guys first.
  8. Sandtrooper with that grebblie on the scope
  9. There are different versions all together. Be more specific. If sandtrooper Blaster are interesting, head over to the mepd forum. is f its just a kit for a Hasboro, head over to doopydoos, http://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e11-hasbro-blaster-conversion-skin-kit-mk2-2636-p.asp
  10. i have a friend that has a real kobold flash, can borrow it and see how the dimensions align.
  11. just an grebblie i thought it looked like
  12. This is very good info, thanks a lot. Will read your info and check it out. Getting "The Complete Saga" on blue ray next month. Maybe there are some better pictures there.
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