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  1. This right here is a hidden gem amidst a treasure trove of information: I missed that in my first couple of read-throughs. Fantastic idea! Also, did you hit the helmet with a final gloss or semi gloss coat, to hold in the acrylics?
  2. https://www.facebook.com/nissanusa/videos/10157690819790375/ If you watch the unveiling of the Rogue One Nissan Rogue, you can see a Shoretrooper on display. I know some TKs were there trooping it, please I hope some get more pics of those kits on display!
  3. Really cool! I'd love to hear about how well it works with a full day of trooping, or after/during a parade. I'm thinking of using something like this with the Shore trooper... fascinating work. You might want to offer kits.
  4. Who is Jim? Sorry, that is one maker I am not familiar with. I ask, only 'cause I'm interested. Also, is KW sculpting this armor? He seems like the type who would/could. Can you tell us more?
  5. I'm definitely excited about the Shore Troopers. I hope someone is doing the armor. SGB is already working on the helmet.
  6. I found this info: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/page-24 I haven't been on the forums here much since I finished my kit, so I missed the discussion about this. So I'll ask the question.... if there a decent, non-recast and approveable kit for larger guys? Anyone making legitimate Am/FX sized kits? (obviousoly use a non FX bucket...)
  7. This: I am 5'8" and was 242 at the time I finished building mine (I went on a weight loss kick, and have lost 5 pounds since I got approved.) I got approved and have trooped 10+ times since getting approved. The helmet was a pain in the rear. I only finished that with the help of a more experienced member. I have yet to replace the ears, but will when his and my schedules permit. The kit is slightly bigger than other kits, but it is in no way FX big. I had to use FX shoulder bells on mine, because the included bells kept popping off my arms. I did not have to shim, and trimmed down some things, like the forearms, to fit. If you are athletic, or husky, this kit will fit you better than the pure movie-accurate ones.
  8. The only part that has popped off on mine was a shoulder strap. I fixed it with white gaffer's tape. I probably should fix that at some point soon. I think it popped because I twisted it too much while taking it off or putting it on. Just twist, pull or tear it apart. If you really want to test it, try it on some scrap ABS. It's easy. When I had to move snap plates, I grabbed hold of the nylon webbing with some pliers and pulled. It will give. Then, just use your finger to rub off the excess left over, and re-glue it where it is needed.
  9. I received my ears on Saturday, so check your mail. I'll take pics as we add the replacements.
  10. I don't think the bicep is too big... it is snug when I bend my arms but doesn't bite. I'm thinking I may have trimmed my forearms too short, based on some pics.... but it lets me move my arms and take my bucket off. We are fortunate in Denver to the the proud caretakers of the Lucasfilm 3/4 scale X-Wing. Members of the rocky Mountain fan force, Mountain Base RL and Mountain Garrison 501st help maintain it at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Aurora, CO. www.wingsmuseum.org They do an open cockpit there on the 2nd Saturday of every month where they let people into the cockpits of the other aircraft, and we troop the X-Wing in costume. It rocks. If you want to sit in the cockpit, you need to come here on May the Fourth. We do a big event, and let the public sit in the X-Wing. ED: Also, I got replacement larger ears in on Saturday. I will take pics and a before/after once we get them done.
  11. Hurry up and git'r'done, Chuck! We want you out trooping with us!!!
  12. I finally solved my bell problems. I got a set of FX bells. Problem Solved. I also added a double snap on the strap going to them, so they stay on solid. I think the bells look much more proportional: And it looks proportional to the other TKs in my area, so I am much happier with this arrangement:
  13. I bought E6000 at Wal Mart. I was raised up in the cone community, where everyone uses CA glue and accelerant. It is great and solid... but it is solid. One you glue it, it is there permanently. I'll never understand why people would use ABS cement when CA + accelerant is faster and just as solid. With the glossy TK, and the way that it is made (don't have to go seamless, prime and paint everything), E6000 is the way to go. The only area that I CA'd on mine is the front of my shins, since they take a lot of abuse when i open the back of it over my calves. And like others have said, it is far better to be able to move your snap plates around, at least until you can confirm where you want them to be. Also, if you drip any extra on the ABS, or if the E6000 seeps from under a cover strip, you can just rub it off with a fingernail. CA glue? You're screwed.
  14. Torri, glad you finally registered here! I got tons of help here on my kit.
  15. I did a combination of velcro with a snap in the middle. 2 points to fail, instead of just one. Keep it up, you're almost there!
  16. Welcome! I'm in the Mountain Garrison. I know we'd be glad to have you troop with us if you want to make the drive in. We have a lot of events up and down the Front Range from Ft. Collins to Denver to Colorado Springs. We are having an armor party in the northern part of Denver on Saturday, if you want to drive out and see what it is like firsthand.
  17. Welcome to the fun of the build. Let the games begin!
  18. Welcome, Jason! There are a lot of great people int he Springs, and the MG. I hope you're able to get kitted up soon, and I'm looking forward to trooping with you.
  19. Welcome, Chuck! The MG is a great group of people, and we'll be glad to have you join us! I'm glad you can make it to the fair this weekend. Bring your kit, tools and questions, and you should be able to make a ton of progress. Also, we have a get together on Sat August 17th... it's an informal meet-and-greet, but it is a great chance to meet your fellow squad mates. See the forums at the MG for more details.
  20. The folks here at FISD taught me to love E-6000. If you mess up on anything, it is extremely forgiving. Just pop it off and then rub it away with a finger. If any squeezes out of a cover strip, use a scrap piece of plastic and you can rub it away. It is possible for a part to pop off, if abused heavily, but it is a quick fix. I did use some CA glue on the front of my shins (because they have a lot of stress when I put them on/off with the velcro in the back.) But I only CA glued them after fitting them and being absolutely sure of where they would go. I used the score and snap method for the majority of my cutting (straight lines). I did use snips and a belt sander for trimming.
  21. I did my boots with boots from Amazon and some shoe dye. Details are in my build thread.
  22. I appreciate it, but unfortunately, the bells pop off my shoulders whether or not I have the biceps on. I don't have much room in the biceps... I'm not huge by any stretch of the imagination (ok, except at the belly. ), but I don't think I have room to snug down the bicep armor at all. These bells are just narrow. Or too narrow for me.
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