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  1. Got mine as well!! Cleanup obviously, but it's not much. Beautiful bucket!
  2. I noticed that about the stripes. Happened to pause right on that and was like that is interesting.<br><br> For a neck seal I recommend Darman. He has a listing under ongoing sales that I believe is pinned. Good quality stuff with a few options to pick from and good pricing. That is where I've bought all of mine.<br><br> For a balaclava I have the UA HeatGear tactical hood. The mask covering is a seperate piece sewn on so it gives good range of adjustment and is super comfy.
  3. I know that I had a few cracks in my ANH helm and repaired that on the interior by tacking a little ca glue to hold the joint. I then took canvas cloth and soaked in e-6000 and then pressed on the inside against the crack. This worked so surprisingly well on my ANH bucket and fixed up the small cracks I had and helped to reinforce the inside as the bucket was quite weak from a thinner plastic. I imagine something similar to what I did would help reinforce, I think some people use cheesecloth and fiberglass resin though double check. I agree with Greg on drilling at the end of the crack to the edge. That should give a nice curve to avoid the crack from spreading more and some sort of filler to clean it up. My opinions on these though, so take that for what it is worth haha.
  4. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it all come together.
  5. The CRL is referring to a snap that goes on the top right of the ab section. This image is on the site here, the stormtrooper on the left you can see the snap present right near his arm. That snap has a piece of elastic to the kidney. That is the one that you must be able to see. ----------
  6. Measurements really only affect if you are getting someone to assemble armor for you as they would need a reference of your size to make sure it fits. Most armor comes as a kit that needs to then be assembled to the users needed dimensions. So unless they specifically state they need it or ask for it then it will most likely not be necessary. Though you can always ask or just send them in anyway if you are worried.
  7. The top can be tricky to find sometimes. I use a plain old starter top I managed to find at a walmart, though I will replace this soon. Trooperbay appears to have tops though I have no experience with the product and can't comment on what it is like. I also had under armour heatgear compression pants that I swapped for a pair of yoga pants my girlfriend can no longer wear, they work quite well surprisingly. Will go back to something under armour like, finding one without a logo that gets in the way or one that is plain black can be difficult so keep that in mind when you shop and an eye out for anything that may negate them from use.
  8. I ordered from Darman on the neck seal and holster, both was superb. I went back to Darman for my clone neck seal when I started my clone armor. It is preference and first impressions are huge so I choose Darman though I hear lots of good things about quite a few of the guys providing pieces. I personally will order from Darman for any need for items that he offers.
  9. You are correct they are fixable. No point for keeping for sure if its just sitting in a box. I thought the description appeared to be a bit more informative than what you usually see, as for forgetting things we all do, no one is perfect, haha. You did not have to change the price based off of this topic. I get the fees from ebay. Most of the main armorers are selling direct and payment through paypal which helps on the fees and keeps prices a bit lower. Unfortunately for the individual seller, that is not exactly a good solution, so I totally understand. Honestly sell it for what you want to get out of it, not what some random guy said on a forum post! I also live in the US, so I forget that availability for armor may be more limited in the UK, correct me if I am wrong because I don't know that for a fact just that there is a bit of selection for US and Canada sellers. I totally understand this =/ it just helps with the butting of the back, kidney, and butt. Can't help how it was made though. No you did not offend anyone, and I mean no offense either. Just offering my own opinion on something listed. Seriously take it as that, just an opinion. Hopefully you do not think I was trying to put you down at all! I see nothing actually wrong with the listing that would be breaking any "rules". The listing is really descriptive with good pictures plus points for adding the front of the legs as well. Most listings are vague and say movie replica stormtrooper.
  10. ESB frown is black ANH is gray, which the guy does state that is what he was going for is ESB, so plus points for that at least??? lol
  11. Yea def a no go. The helmet sticks out the most, it is way bad. The details on the whole kit are real soft and the helmet is super bumpy and not clean at all with poorly applied decals as well as the cap appearing to be leaning to one side. Also the bottom back right of the helmet either appears deformed or just not trimmed correctly and makes for a weird shape. The whole armor has real soft details and is just not there with the quality. The body pieces appear to be super thin with missing return edges which takes away from the overall look in my opinion for the body pieces especially around that kidney and butt area. Plus the price tag is insane for what you are actually getting. You can find cheaper with a lot better quality. Arms look ok from pictures, though not ideal. Not a good enough picture or view of the legs to make out anything really. I wouldn't say I am an expect my any means however, so these are strictly my opinion and just based off of what I have seen and know. So take it as that, haha.
  12. When you refer to flex a bit do you mean from leaning backwards or to the side? Naturally with the plate being attached from the inside if you lean forward they flex fine with limitations of course. I wouldn't expect to do much flexing in TK armor to begin with though, we are known for our intense lack of mobility. I would say to just get them as close as possible, pretty much touching. I don't know that there is an actual "acceptable gap width" listed anywhere. CRL does not specify this.
  13. TK21212 Carolina Garrison requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16602&costumeID=124
  14. My concern with that is my actual ability to do it. Plus the total cost haha.
  15. Well I just ordered some rivets to attach the belt to the thigh. It also includes the split rivets for the ab and kidney (not sure if I will use them). I have the belt assembled just need to attach the holster and drop boxes. Need to figure out exactly how I want to attach the holster. Things left to do... -Attach box onto thigh -Get boots from somewhere -Attach Holster to belt (thinking about using chicago screws) -Attach drop boxes to belt -Paint ab buttons -Attach ab buttons -Add extra strap from kidney to butt for better security -Add strap from cod to butt -Add something to hold back of shoulder straps down (not going completely screen accurate here) -Put fan kit into helmet -Assemble TD pipe (need screws for clips) -Tighten ab and kidney. Need to close up the gap I have there, about a 1/2 - 1 inch (think I trimmed to much off of the Ab to do this) -Add another strap from thigh to belt to cover under armour logo on pants That is all I have left to do. Seems to be maybe an hour or two worth of work! Still need boots... Working on this, it kind of has demotivated me from finishing the little things since the armor seems to not be much without the boots just like not having a wearable helmet. Really just hoping something comes through on the boots. Might just end up having to wait for TK boots to get some more. I will prob finish everything once I can get the hardware to attach everything! Once again I am still stuck from getting approved without boots, so it seems I have some time to kill, lol.
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