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  1. Thanks! The kit's by Kevin Weir (www.imperialsurplus.com) thanx so much!
  2. oh wow, great work! love your paint job as well on the helmet, good work! maybe just some elastic black bands to keep the shoulders in place? (I got the same remark ) it suits you very well! YAY! femtrooper love!
  3. wow, cutting that ab plate is really courageous! I'd freak out if I'd try! but you've done it SO well! can't wait to see the finished armor!
  4. Thank you Kevin! See you in London indeed, great that you'll be there! Thanks Greg!
  5. Final update, I got approved over the weekend! We had a little trouble with the TD, the caps didn't fit and we had to slam 'em on, which resulted in a sort of "plastic stretch marks" we thankfully could hide at the back. So maybe in the future, that one needs an update. But I received an instant approval which makes me superglad! TK-64369 proud to join you guys! Here's the result! I don't own the big gun Jess has, and since it's about my body size, it must be a b**** to troop with, so I subbed for my bf's blaster for now. Will borrow the big gun one day for a shoot though. Thank you for all your help and advice, it was very welcome! Hope to meet you guys on a troop or at Celebration 2016 in London? [attachment=9008:dg_pagina_sm.jpg]
  6. Thanks you all, I will! We are now working on the belt, already glued the boxes.. progress progress!
  7. Thank you all so much! Yes, I will use some velcro + elastic bands to make the shoulders stay put should fix this today! Also, thanks for the advice on the kneecaps, we were wondering the same as well. A little lower might be better. As we speak, I am undoing a small white leather purse for straps for the boots, I couldn't find small strips for sale, so I just purchased a white bag at a thrift store for the purpose. Hope it works Will upload new pics when I have them. Thank you all so much for your advice and encouragement!
  8. Thanx Oh, yes you are right, thank you! Maybe I need a top with a higher neckline so it stays put. Thanks, I'll work on that!
  9. I've been building on my kit with my bf since March. Because a lot happened a long the way, we couldn't spend as much time building as we wanted to. So this week, we took a dive and used every spare minute to work on the kit. It's turning out great! I wonder if you guys have any tips or advice on our work. As you can see, we still need to trim the top armor, we still have to finish the belt, glue the strips to the shoes and.. of course.. finish the helmet. Advice or remarks are always welcome. One pointed question I have is about the knees. We feel they might go a little lower, but maybe it isn't necessary? I wouldn't want them too low because I don't want a gap between the parts. The kneecaps themselves function fine, I can walk easily in them. Can't wait for my first troop. This is my first costume!
  10. Thanks guys! That's a relief I actually found them online in a UK store.. here's the amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cleated-Platform-Chelsea-Synthetic-Leather/dp/B00TZVHW2O/?qid=1429779886&s=shoes&sr=1-57&keywords=white+chelsea+boots&ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_57
  11. Update, the one's mentioned in my previous posts are sadly too small. So I bought these one's. I really hope these are approvable. Just need a white leather strip on top. You guys think these will be ok?
  12. For now I need something to finish it with. I have bough these one's secondhand (link). Probably going to spray paint them completely white and add the strip for approval. Hopefully, that will suffice! I did order the platform heel as well cos well.. pwetty!
  13. I am still looking for these boots like mad.. I can only find this one with a platform heel.. but if that's the only one I can find I'll order it? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cleated-Platform-Chelsea-Synthetic-Leather/dp/B00TZVHW2O/ref=sr_1_57?s=shoes&ie=UTF8&qid=1429779886&sr=1-57&keywords=white+chelsea+boots Do you have any tips where I might find the "normal" chelsea boots?
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