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  1. I used to have very thick hair past my waist, but I had to get it cut to shoulder length so I could wear my bucket. Now I have to wear a balaclava, and try to keep my hair curled around above the neck seal, otherwise the neck seal won't go on either. If I put it in a ponytail I can't get the bucket on.I hate wearing the balaclava because it is so hot here in QLD Australia, but I have no choice.
  2. Hi Gents; Could I please apply for 501st access? I've had my TD approved for nearly a year now, and I would like to join the list to get a FISD shirt. My 501st member page is located here... http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18294&costumeID=2 Thank you in advance Arienh TD 22372
  3. Luckily we received some much needed on site assistance, so we are back on track now. With both DarkFather and I out of commision this week with the flu, DarkFather still has it, we haven't managed to get much done, until today. Since DarkFather's magnets still haven't arrived we decided to get final trimming done to the arm sections, shoulder bells, and body armour sections. With that done, we figured we would have a try at the helmet. I did the line work around the eyes and teeth and DarkFather took control of the cutting out of those areas. After the primary cuts we sanded and filed the areas and basically cleaned them up. DF didn't want me to risk cutting myself: With the eyes and teeth done, we cut down the cap and back of the helmet (MM helmets are 3 parts). We put the brow rubber on and with the use of clamps and painters tape, we roughly built the helmet. Of course, I couldn't resist the urge to try on my new helmet, even without the ears: We have cut out the ears since the pics have been taken, but haven't attached them yet. DarkFather wants to put a nut'n'bolt in the rivet hole "just to hold the face and back together temporarily" so we can test-fit the ears etc. I prefer that we wait until the back and cap are glued together, just in case. Anyway, here is my 'painters tape trooper' where it currently stands: Tomorrow will be leg sections and working out shims for the ab/kidney and thighs
  4. Hi all; I am about to embark on a new build. I'm staying on Tatooine, but I'm going from the Denizens (Jawa) to the Empire (TD). The exact build I am going to go for is Captain, Roadblock V2. This is all new to both myself and my husband DarkFather. It will be our first journey into the world of hard armour. I must admit, we are both quite apprehensive about getting started. DarkFather has enlisted some help from a fellow Redback Garrison Member, Baytrooper who will be helping us out this fortnight, when our days off sync up, with our first cuts and showing us his own TD armour, for us to get ideas and visuals of what we are up for. The armour kit we have is a MoldMan Kit which DarkFather purchased for himself, but as he is a, larger build , there is no way it will work for him. So I lucked out and now I get to do a costume I always thought was going to be out of my reach. I'm quite excited about this build. I have signed up here (obviously) and over at MEPD, and will be posting a build thread on both forums. Hopefully between here, other forums, and Baytrooper (and maybe others), we will be able to turn the kit into a Redbacks approvable TD. Things like the weapon and electronics (fans/etc) for the helmet will not be sourced anytime soon. It's all about the hard armour first. Softparts will be looked into at the appropriate time, and hopefully I will be able to make use of another Redbacks member's skills for those items. While I've been at work, DarkFather has sourced the building supplies we didn't previously have. We have bookmarked BIDS' build thread on the Redbacks Forums and plan on using that as a major reference point for the building of non-specific TD parts. Expect LOTS of questions and photo's. Due to my work schedule, DarkFather will be the one posting most of the updates with pics, videos. And we both give our appreciation and thanks for any future help from all of you. So it seems, or so DarkFather says, I should post the obligatory Big Brown Box photo, to 'officially' start my Build Thread, so here goes. Even though we have had the armour since the week before DreamWorld Australia Star Wars Weekend, it has remained in the box wrapped up for the main part. The kit also includes: Plus lengths of Velcro.
  5. Hi everyone. Signing up to attempt my first white armor build, and my 2nd 501st costume. I'm staying on Tatooine, I'm just going from a Denizen (Jawa) to a true member of the Empire, TD. My husband and I have never tried out hands at doing hard armour before, so this should be an interesting journey. Expect a build thread with lots of pics and questions. I have signed up over at MEPD and will be posting a build thread there also. From what my husband has been able to research thus far, the building of the armour is ... 85% the same as building a TK. So we are going to be using references from both forums (if that's the correct thing to do). Thanks. Arienh 22372
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