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  1. Great cause for a troop. Thanks for sharing these great pics.
  2. Very cool and what a great turnout of troops!
  3. At leas you are able to return it for a refund. It is hard to find a seller on E-Bay that takes returns like that. Nice blaster though. Welcome to FISD.
  4. Welcome to FISD, hope to see you at a local troop.
  5. I also got rid of the chin strap. I added Echo's fan kit and tacked with E6000 the star foam. Im probably gonna ditch the star foam and go with the adhesive backed foam blocks i bought here. I love my TM bucket, have fun with it.
  6. If you feel the need to use ZapaGap/ZipKicker, TrooperBay has some great videos on YouTube. My buddy and I have watched them a few times each. Great slow tutorials. Ken
  7. See you Saturday and we will continue to build your suit buddy. Ken
  8. Great photographs. Saw the Vegas store recently and all of their windows has these on display. Ken
  9. I use Plastic Welder you mix together. If it ceom apart, a piece of your armor will be with it. That strong. Ken
  10. Shirt is really cool. Thanks for the great info. Ken
  11. The line to get a photo with you guys was impressive, indeed! Ken
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