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  1. My armor is showing some battle damage. My TD clip is rubbing up against the armor. I need to add more soft velcro to the metal clip to prevent further rubbing. Any advice on how I can fix this?
  2. Matthew Larsen TK-12929 Centurion Letter Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/12929-centurion.png
  3. I agree, the AP decals don't go pass the raised button, I like the look of the decals much better. I jumped the gun and removed them based on my EIB review. Oh well maybe I can get another set of decals.
  4. Painted the ab buttons this evening. Is this what they are looking for with Centurion approval?
  5. Working on feedback from my EIB for Centurion application. Raised the brow a little, I was able to just pull up the brow and it stayed in place. Tightened the strapping on left and right sides. Removed some return edge from the shoulder bells, maybe could do some more. For the ab buttons I used the decals provided in the AP kit. What have others done? Ab button paint shall not extend beyond the bottom of the actual raised button. I may remove them and paint by hand.
  6. Here are some additonal photos showing the white inside of the hovi mic tips. Let me know if you need anything else.
  7. Added additional photos to the original post of the white elastic connecting chest and back plate as well as the ab plate without the belt.
  8. I will add additional photos of the white elastic connecting chest and back plate as well as the ab plate without the belt later today. Hopefully these photos are ok, I am really not liking how dark/green they appear. Need better lighting I guess.
  9. Armor Maker: AP Helmet Maker: AP Blaster Type: Quest Designs Height: 6'1" Weight: 175lbs. Boots Maker: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: AP Hand Plates Type: AP Electronics: ICOMM with Aker Neck Seal Type: Darman's Props Holster Maker: AP Full Body: Armor Details: Helmet Details: Blaster: Accessory Details:
  10. I got my TK ID! TK-12929 I have a Quest Designs E-11 blaster. Can I go on to EI without weathering my blaster? I plan to do so eventually.
  11. I made my own helmet fans with a 4 AA battery pack attached to the helmet with industrial strength velcro so I can remove if needed, cords are clean and hidden. Where do most of you place the battery pack. I put it on the right side but now the helmet leans to that side, some additional padding may help. There isn't enough room in the back of the helmet for the battery pack.
  12. TK-12929 Requesting Access! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31201
  13. And some more fittings. As always any feedback is greatly appreciated. I feel like I am getting close to basic approval. Need to apply some glue to keep the drop boxes in place. Thighs should go down a bit? Need to make sure thermal detonator is aligned better and I may trim the bottom thighs were the gap is and upper shins to allow for better movement. I also need to make sure the rear shins are better aligned when I velcro them shut.
  14. Time for the sniper knee. How does it look? It is off centered a bit but it lines up on sides and the front looks balanced horizontally.
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