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  1. Well it's certainly been a while (My last post was May 12th 2012).......but i'm back. I hope everyones been behaving themselves. Since my last visit some things have changed, Lost my job after 20 years and nearly everything else besides...........but onwards and upwards!!
  2. Hi Gaz sorry to hear your news mate...anyway i'm back my self after a loooooong time ;-) btw you back on FB?
  3. Welcome Adam Yes your right there's no Irish Garrison but there is http://www.irelandga...orum/index.php? There not 501st but there's quite a few members from different Garrisons there! btw where in NI are you...I'm originally from Ballymena..
  4. Great pics!! But one question?? When the Scooby Doo become part of the 501st??
  5. I'm Trooping with the UKG and the RL... Gona get branded...at last!!
  6. My mate "craig enzyme" plays in a band The Enzymes ...he's the long haired one with the Kilt
  7. Great pics there...just a thought have you tried rubbing some dish washing liquid on your lenses...then gently buff it off later. Works a treat!!!
  8. Blaine...that's the pouch that iv'e mentioned over on the UKG!!
  9. Great pics...anyone see the decapitated TK head???
  10. Craig..I've got a Doopydoos...youv'e seen and held my weapon before See you in the morning mate you can have another hold
  11. HAHAHA!! Thats a great video...and its the the only time that iv'e seen a set of rubies put together so well!!
  12. Now that looks great. But is it still wearable?...I've got a new MR that i'm going to fit out with the required bit's..can you still get the fans and rom fx in?? Nice padding!! May be intouch after my holiday's
  13. Craigs already the proud owner of a nice set of armour...just hasn't been cleared by the UKG yet
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