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  1. Great Thread! I know we all have our preferences (TM for me) and beauty is in the eye of beholder, but, this thread should be the first thing any new recruit see's before anything else. I started off with an overpriced sub-standard suit, fine on a manequin, but not clearable. It took a while to get my TM but worth the wait :0) The worst part about the Jedi Robe is the price!!! If it could be used as a starter kit fair enough but, It's a lot of money and not particularly well built. It's a shame Uncle George didn't try to close JR down as well as SDS and or endorse one of the top armourers...lets face it the Rubies is horrible too, even worse in the flesh!!! But we shouldn't forget that it is also true that a really great trooper will make it come alive, and for most kids out there just see a Stormtooper. We should also remember to not be too elitist...which ain't easy either.
  2. Hey Paul,

    Just a quick thank you, my UKG clearance came through today, just waiting for my TK number.

    cheers a very, very happy customer. It took 3 years but was worth the wait.

    thanks again Craig.

  3. Listen to the guy's about research, I got stung on EBAY and bought a sub standard set of armour and bought a second set which I've just finished. There are loads of contacts on here you can talk to and get advice from. Decide what kind of trooper you want to be, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, Stunt, Hero...etc. Then find out which armour will best suit you Are you tall, short, thin as a rake or more like me ;0) spending a bit of time now may save you money and heartache in the long run. Nearly all the best armour is sold on here, which makes sense really doesn't it.
  4. awesome job mate, I'm busy on my TM at the minute. I'm a lot bigger than yourself so will need a little shimming but only on the shins. How wide have you made the ANH strip on the front edge of the shin? Cheers Craig
  5. Dude, try a single plait down the back of your head and then your balaclava. Ok guys insert own <big girls joke here> cheers Craig
  6. can you send me paypal details for mesh?

    thanks Craig

  7. cheers everyone, lots to be looking at there :0)
  8. Cheers Rob, I'm watching that MR too haha. What are the SDS like? I've not seen them in the flesh. cheers, Craig
  9. Hi Guys, I've got a couple blasters that have seen better days and really want a replacement to go with my new eagerly awaited armour. I've contacted some of the U.S. guys who can't ship to the UK, so, who's got the best contacts (all things considered, rather not hasbro or self build). Cheers Craig
  10. Hey felgarb, craig from the 99th, let me know if you get sorted so I wont get you that leather ;0) I guess I wont be needing it either haha

  11. Welcome to the hood bra,westsiiiide!Greeting's from STORM O G...Las Vegas.

  12. Hey, Cheers everyone this place has got some mega stuff on it! Been on about 4 times today already. Good to see some faces/names I already know, this place is mega loadsa good info. Cheers lads, whey aye canny bag'o'crisps
  13. Hi everyone, Just signed up as I'm looking for help to be the best Trooper I can! Had some armour for a while, done a couple of small troops as a guest. I'm now totally hooked and want to get some new armour and do it to the highest level, was told by some of the UKG guys to get on here, so here I am...lets go to work
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