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  1. Taken the bait because stefan is quite literally making me pull my hair out over his stance. Lets see how this backfires on me I just don't think that someone who has the position of chief armourer in are garrison should see a well known maker recast another makers work and go. And? Like it's nothing. Because it's not.
  2. Moved to behind closed doors while the command staff talk about it. So it has been removed till such time as they make a decision regarding it. This is all a bit of bombshell, can't believe he would do it.
  3. The mountain has been climbed Now for the detailed report of today's action: On the 8th of May i spent the best part of the day inside a car as we traveled from my home in the midlands over to Ireland on the ferry. We set up are base of operations in a apartment just off the Killarny high street and planned are routes and got a sense of what the best day would be to go up. Everything depended on the weather. We had a window of two day in which to climb the mountain and thankfully the forecast was good and so the 9th was chosen as the day. The 9th started off as it now ends with perfect
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Ashley, TK 3440 of the UK Garrison. I've been a member of the 501st for 7 years now and loved every minute of it. Anyway over the last few years i have been climbing a few mountains for charity. So far i have raised just under £3000 pounds for cancer research uk and the Lingen Davies cancer centre, which is the local unit. The reason for this is simple, two year ago my mum felt a lump in her breast and after a few test it was revealed to be cancer. Thankfully they caught it early and were able to quickly operate and remove the cancer from her breast. She had to go throug
  5. Thanks will avoid. Had hoped with them doing the legend they might of done a budget version. I think i will treat myself to a nice TM helmet.
  6. Just a quick question in the same theme. What is everyone's thoughts on the new EFX stormtrooper helmet that they are bringing out. Not the legend one but the other one. Link below: http://www.toy-palace.com/product_info.php?info=p7660_SW-A-New-Hope-Stormtrooper-Helmet-1-1-Replica.html Is it just a re hash of the old MRCE or is it different?
  7. Requesting 501st clearance This is me. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=11939&costumeID=1
  8. Thanks for the advice. I used the above method and i had no problem. Instead of primer i used silver and applied it with short light coats till it was completely covered. No reaction, nothing.
  9. Thanks for that. Would fairy liquid work (i.e. washing up liquid)?
  10. I thought it best to ask since i am tired off messing up whenever i try and paint a doopydoo kit or part. My question is this, what do i have to do to the resin parts before i can paint them? I ask because as stated above the paint reacts with something and causes me to get mad at it. Thanks in advance.
  11. I imagine this is old news to some people but i thought it worth mentioning. eFX are going to release a ESB version of the stormtrooper helmet eFX ESB helmet pre-order just thought it was worth mentioning.
  12. Now that's cool. Thanks for sharing the video.
  13. It was a amazing night and i was luck enough to be able to attend. The show was amazing. It was quite honestly awesome. Such a amazing night i can't stop thinking about it. Fantastic pictures by the way
  14. That's excellent, thank you for the information.
  15. Going a little off topic but might i ask what is used for the barrel tip on a ROTJ blaster?
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