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    Star Wars! Reading almost any kind of book. I love RPG in particular SW Saga and Paranoia both of which I play play by post.

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  1. Is there a HWT patch out there? I thought I saw it once but now I can't find it.
  2. Thanks! That's what I was going for!
  3. First HWT in the Midwest Garrison. Just got approved!
  4. I weathered a bit of my armor too. To much? To little? Looking good?
  5. Had a little time today so I weathered it a bit. How's it look? I just mixed a bit of a light grey paint with some black since I did not have the grey I wanted.
  6. I've finished the build of my pack. I followed ukswarth's excellent thread http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30034-hwt-backpack-build-part-1/ Big thanks to justjoseph63 for all his info he has up and for his guidance. I started weathering a bit to give it a rough kind of look. I'm going to do some painting to it this weekend to get it dirty. Hopefully I can weather my armor this weekend as well.
  7. TK604 and myself were invited to a xmas party at a special needs residents home, The Zachary House. It was a blast and neither one of us has ever received so many hugs in a single troop!
  8. Trooped the Gail Borden Library in Elgin, IL this past weekend for there RetroGeeky Holiday. We will be featured in many Christmas card this year! Trooped with DZ 10428, IG 80870, DZ 6443, and TK 19803. Unfortunately we were unable to get a good group picture.
  9. TK 24543 and myself took up bowling this past weekend for Brain Injury Association of America. We actually did fairly well, but got beat by a stinking Jedi dressed in plain close the last game.
  10. Thanks for the complements! I'll try and keep up this year! Here is the rest of my first year troops. 06/11/16 IL Hoffman Estates - 2 Year Old Cancer Patient's Birthday (TK) * 06/25/16 IL Elgin - Library Special Needs Event (TK) * 07/03/16 IL Bartlett - 4th of July Parade (TK) * 07/24/16 IL South Elgin - Branch Library Grand Opening (TK) * 07/30/16 IL Chicago - Fire Up A Cure (TK) * 10/01/16 Apraxia Walk (TK) Aaaand...we've come full circle. I had to solo my anniversary event and I did not get a picture in armor. Once I dressed down I ran into Ariel! So you know I had to get a pic. There was a few events that I could not find pictures for, but I got the majority!
  11. One of the things that I love about this site and what kept me motivated during my build was seeing all the good that everyone did! Seeing all the troops kept me going even though I got frustrated at times. I always meant to prevaricate by posting my own events, but I never did. So, I figured to just do a year in review starting with my first event and ending on my anniversary troop! So here we go...! 10/17/15 IL Westmont - Walk for Apraxia (TK) My First Event! I saw it on our boards and no one was picking it up. Apraxia has affected my family so I could not pass it up. So I ECed my first event and it was with Jodo Kast! * 10/25/15 IL Brookfield - Boo at the Zoo (TK) * 11/09/15 IL Winfield - CDH Child Life Visit #5 (TK) * 11/22/15 IL Rosemont - Wolves Star Wars Night (TK) * 12/13/15 IL Geneva - Public Library Star Wars Event (TK) My first solo event! * 12/17/15 IL Woodridge - TFA Movie Premier (TK) * 01/19/16 IL Elgin - May The Market Place Be With You (TK) * 02/08/16 IL Winfield - Central DuPage Hospital Child Life Visit #1 (TK) * 02/28/16 IL Schaumburg - Kid's Expo (TK) * 03/02/16 IL Tinley Park - Discover Tinley Park (TK) (No pic for this one.) * 03/06/16 IL Bolingbrook - St. Baldrick's Foundation (TK) * 05/01/16 IL St. Charles - Walk MS (TK) (No pic) * 05/04/16 IL Naperville - Pinot's Palette MTFBWY (TK) Can I paint in armor. Check. * 05/14/16 IL North Riverside - Children's Miracle Network (TK) (No pic. I ECed it and I didn't get a group picture!) * 05/21/16 IL Wheaton - Matthew's Special Visit Day 1 (TK) This was a birthday surprise for a special kid with a degenerative bone disease. We made his day! * 06/05/16 IL Geneva - March for Mason (TK) * 06/06/16 IL Elgin - Gail Borden Library Ice Cream Social (TK) We got attacked by an Ewok. It wasn't pretty. 16 IL * More Coming...
  12. My TK number and name go hand in hand. The unlucky number 13 has always been lucky for me. Anytime I use it, games of chance and what not, my number comes up. 13132 is an easy number to remember and Lucky easily goes with it.
  13. I put a bit a foam on the inside of my forearms. This holds in place against my undersuit. I have never had any slips. Doing this allows me to put on my forearms second to last, just before my gloves. My shoulder bells and biceps are connected. Without the forearms attached to my biceps I have a pretty good range of motion. This allows me to snap my shoulder bells on. The added benefit to this is that I can be fully kitted up, minus gloves and forearms, and still make adjustments, put on my helmet, and help others, with relative ease. Once it's go time I slip on my forearms and gloves and I'm good to go.
  14. (Rex Fett) BH-3499 / Boba Fett (Lucky) TK-13132 / TK (PhoebeAndraus) TK-17294 / TK (Zahack) SL-92585 / Emperor Palpatine (G-MAN45) TK-10045 / TK (Vreedonsett) DZ-13140 (RJ4EVA ) DZ-18501 / Tusken (FettSwatCop) FN-3620 / FN Trooper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYhGjjRZLeo&feature=share
  15. Lucky

    Rebels Cadet

    You're correct on the name. Thanks!
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