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  1. hi guys, i been looking for a while now for a decent mannequin but im having trouble finding one! i seem to remember that someone at some point was advertising some on this site but i may be wrong. anyway is there anyone that can point me in the right direction,i always thought the ones i had in mind were from the U.S..im from the U.K. but i dont mind the shipping. thanks in advance for any help, best marcus.
  2. you dont want any return edge at the bottom of your forearms,but some at the top!
  3. these are mine,made by cliffard james(uk) sorry for the dirt on them shineys!!
  4. yep,chelsea boots and white dye is the way! only about £30 if your in the u,k! i used "cliffard james" boots!
  5. bit late to the party wayne,but your armour looks awsome!! right behind you with my RS sandy,all done and pics being submitted!
  6. ok, putting all the armour selling aside,i just wish you all the best mate!
  7. an excellent choice of armour my friend,i have RS myself and i love it! dont think ive ever seen pics with the tissue paper still on though lol! i can see your excited,just as we all are when first receiving that brown box. enjoy your build,nice and steady is the key,good luck bro!
  8. good choice mate,just take your time with it! i had no problems building it nice and steady except the ears on the lid! and thats sorted,good luck bro!!
  9. just my 2 cents! ive always been surprised that we all go such a long way for accuracy and then are allowed TK boots! they were black chelsea boots in the film so why shouldnt they be the same for centurion?
  10. i noticed both those things straight away aswell vern, oh no,i can see a costume coming on!!!
  11. hey keith, did you posts some pics on the UKG,seem to remember? i might of said on there that a good rule of thumb is to flex your biceps and thats the widest you will need them! as for your forearms i noticed you still have your return edge at the bottom where your hands go through,you need to cut that off!
  12. almost there wayne and looking awsome mate! got to say im really enjoying my RS build,had a couple of minor probs but soon overcome them and hope to be where you are soon! cheers for doing this thread bro, its been helping us out a lot!!
  13. great job glen,you got some talent there bro!!
  14. this is a shame,ive ordered a few things from doopys and always recieved them quickly and in one piece! hopefully these problems are rare,as ive ordered 2 dlt19s from them,as for a slow response thats not unusual i here!
  15. 5' 10" is a perfect size for tk armour! being as your in the u.k. TM or RS armour is a great bet as they are both in the u.k and makes shipping a lot cheaper! either should fit you well!!
  16. i actually have a list in the top of my armour box so when i open it i have my suit up list numbered in front of me!
  17. lid looks awsome wayne, loving your thread and looking forward to seeing your armour all painted up!!
  18. what do you mean? are you saying you want to make them a bit stronger like putting an abs strip inside as well, or are you having trouble with closing the butt joint?
  19. i think thats up to you but ive seen others who have had them made using there measuring chart and it turned out fine,so id say trust them!
  20. interesting stuff,i recieved my armour the other day and would of done the same thing with the belt!
  21. like you said i think you are the one last forums that you dont have to sign in anyway,just glad its sorted!
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