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  1. Not seen death trooper DLT . Where is the origin from ? Just thinking is it similar to scouts DLT with Scope ?
  2. Paul this is really nice , the details are great , I'd say the best I've seen , just need to change the parts you mentioned and this will be perfect
  3. Here's a pic of the angle part , the original parts were milled out of solid blokes , most of the angled part is in fact rounded as it was turned on a lathe with shoulders left of the angled parts Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Coming along nicely mate , like the improvement
  5. Hi Rat Looks like your getting on well If you want to be fussy vent hole pattern should be off set slightly Set the tape out in metric as this is how the Germans worked . Love confusing you guys as well . Vent holes as far as I know are 14mm .with the four smaller ones at the very front of the barrel are 12mm , easy conversion is 25.4 mm to the inch , Good luck Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Tig70

    Castable DLT

    No problem send me what you need to know .
  7. Mate it's great just hoping you can get it spot on .
  8. I checked with info on UKG for T21
  9. Hi Brad as far as I know the overall length is 50" 1/4 inched . About 1276 mm
  10. Hi Gilbert that looks a great version There seems to be a couple of things that could do with addressing but not a biggie. The charging handle is not quite in the right place , needs to be a bit lower . The vent holes on the rear barrel look as though they don't match the front ,also there seems to be a different vent hole in your pics , are these pics of the same weapon . A pic of the left side would be great to see. Also there seems to be no belt feed plate on the right .
  11. That is incredible ! Surpasses all others ! get ready to be inundated with orders . well done buddy it's all been worth it.
  12. Just thought I post ANH stunt has a Dlt19 when checking the Falcon but he also has no E11 holster I guess to show it should'nt be carried with E11
  13. T track lengths will need to fit from the front bi-pod mount up to the antiaircraft site ,and from there to the raised shoulder in the barrel so they will be determined by your build , the one's on my measure 127mm at the front 183mm at the rear .
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