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  1. Hi there. I agree with the others. Just to give my 2 cents. The armor is made from fiberglass and needs work to meet the requirements. I learned that when I was a noob.
  2. Hi there. I know thus is an old thread. This person goes by another name as well and located in texas. His stormtrooper armor is made from fiberglass. Anyone else wants to chime.
  3. A liilte late on the reply..Ordered the whole centurion set and communication was great!!


    Thanks again.

  4. Best idea yet!! 


    Arrived as described. Thank you.

  5. Agree.. Trooper bay. I believe any template needed.
  6. Hi. I just came across TK Armour. They have the have the 501st Legion banner. Is that something to look into.
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