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  1. Hey Sky11, I guess if you want to remove the one I posted earlier in this thread, that works with me, and I can just try commenting again with the IMGUR links. I appreciate all the info and the help gentlemen!
  2. Is there a specific set of numbers to use for the size or pixels of a photo so it's within space requirements to post? I was able to post a pic in my thread I started, but I added the photo from my laptop and now it says 47.79kb next to Max total size. I'm assuming I wouldn't have ran into that problem if I would've posted the BBC link in my post instead?
  3. Is there a particular set of numbers for size or pixels to go by when editing my photos in Imgur, or a website that has resizing ability? The reason I'm asking is because I just successfully added a photo to my thread I started, but after I uploaded the one photo, it says I only have like 47.xxkb left to post with. I selected a file from my laptop and added the file. That was probably the wrong way to do it. I'm assuming I won't run into this issue if I post the Imgur BBC link in my post instead?
  4. Thank you! I was extremely stoked when I got it, and then when I put it all on, it was like a perfect match. Might need some adjustments to my thigh armor, cause I can tell limitations in movement and slight pinching. I've only worn it a couple times around the house, so it might also be a case of me getting used to maneuvering and walking in it.
  5. I'm gonna make a post in the pre-approval thread, but i'll throw up a couple on here if anybody is interested in my cosplay.
  6. Ok cool. Actually I think I'm gonna have to take new pics with a correct background style for judging for my application, after what I was reading here on the forums. I am still updating currently as I need to map out and install my Hearing Assist mics and speakers. I've just been slack lately and haven't finished. Was making forms out of styrofoam to place in the bottom curved rim of my bucket. That way I have a larger, flat surface for my ICOMM, Amplifier, Battery Pack, and my two sided Velcro to stick to better. Fingers crossed.
  7. Starkiller, I haven't actually submitted my application for costume approval yet. I wasn't sure if I should post my photos on this thread, or post in the thread for pre-approval with the photos I have, or take better photos before I submit my application for costume approval?
  8. NICE!!! I just realized that you are the same kind of trooper that my cosplay is of. Doesn't look like there's many of us.
  9. I was just thinking about making a post asking about how to reduce the file size of photos on an Android phone, so this is perfect hahaha! I'm used to doing that in Photoshop, so I'll check this out. Thank you!
  10. Again, thank you everybody for your replies and well wishes! I didn't expect to see this many more comments. It has made me smile and feel better upon seeing them, and I appreciate you all for your comments. I'm almost done running my helmet electronics. I have to make some adjustments to install the Hearing Assist mics and speakers, but the fans, my ICOMM, Hovi-tip speakers, and amplifier are all working perfectly fine! I was gonna post photos but the file sizes are way bigger than the 512kb allowed.
  11. I appreciate the words of kindness and the welcomes! Yeah it happened Dec 6th 2021, and it's just so weird for somebody to be there everyday, then the next they're not, and there's nothing you can do to fix it. I'm 48, have always loved Star Wars since the Original trilogy and my very first 3.75" figure, C-3PO. Almost 7 years ago, Black Series 6" figures brought me back into collecting v Star Wars toys, which opened up me to buying original vintage playsets, and newer release figures and vehicles, cause the articulation was way better, and the better paint apps, and I have a few Hot Toys also, haha. Ever since I was a kid, I swore to myself the one day, I would have a set of Stormtrooper armor displayed on a mannequin, standing at attention, in my house one day. Purchased the armor in April, maybe May, and had to return the mannequin because it was too tall to get so the armor on it. I literally have 1 room full of toys, and almost 2/3rds of another room for the rest. It's predominately Star Wars, but I also collect Marvel Legends (mostly Spider-Man characters), McFarlane DC Multiverse (mostly Batman), GI Joe Classified, and other random toys from the 70's/80's that I had as a kid.
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Brad and I recently purchased a complete, finished, armor kit from a 501st member. I purchased the other things I needed; balaclava, undersuit, gloves, holster, and all my electronics to install in my bucket. Only thing I have to left to install in the helmet is my UKsWrath Hearing Assist kit. Everything else; ICOMM, UKsWrath Speaker Hovi tips, amplifier, microphone, and dual fan system, I installed. Still have some final things to do to secure everything in place. I'm interested in joining the 501st. I just think it would be a great group to be a part of, and I truly think that the fundraiser part, love, and support the 501st brings to people through their events would really warm my soul. After all the negatives I had to deal with in my life; unexpected death of my wife, tending to her 76 year old mother, and just general life stresses, I feel this would be really be good for my soul and overall spirit. Thanks to all who read and listened. I'm very new to all of this, but am glad to have found White Armor, and hopefully I can become a Legion member and join the Carolina Garrison. Much love and MYFBWY all!
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