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  1. ehobby asia also on sale, 480$..(350eur) -----------
  2. there is a new video in the official manufacturer facebook that shows how to install the battery -----------
  3. another photo from -------- they also posted a picture of a RotJ blaster; seems they know what are they going to sell..
  4. cooming soon now also the popular ehobbyAsia has published the AEG on its facebook page https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152167284923497&set=a.252572788496.137996.166485503496&type=1&theater
  5. it's online on famous italian aeg shop, but yet not in stock SL-MK4 - www.softair-italia.it -----------
  6. i would try at first with velcro, then (after found the best position) with glue e6000
  7. 1) it's 12Volts 300mA the one i linked can work at 8volts 320-350mA (or even less voltage because we save energy cutting out the transistors/resistors) http://dx.com/p/mr16-1-1w-320-350ma-constant-current-regulated-led-driver-8-40v-input-13553 2) it's not clear what IC uses and then if can be controlled with arduino the one i linked uses PT4115 IC that supports a DIM pin input to turn on/off or to set the brightness each led via Arduino http://www.micro-bridge.com/data/CRpowtech/PT4115E.pdf
  8. it depends of the inner diameter of your pipe, everything above or equal to 3 watt @4 ohm is fine (the mini amplifier board works better with 4ohm speakers) i am using a pairs of this one but they are 4watt @16ohm: http://www.ebay.com/itm/220734504352?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 they works fine but they can't make the mini amplifier works at max power (3 watt) i also tested with success another set of speakers from sourcingmap but now they are out of stock 70mmx30mm Rectangle Shape Aluminum Internal Speaker Loudspeaker 4 Ohm 3W http://www.sourcingmap.com/advanced_search_result.html?keyword=4+Ohm+3W&main_page=advanced_search_result&inc_subcat=1&search_in_description=0&categories_id=0&x=0&y=0 p.s, i see finally another arduino blaster set around.. p.p.s. i see other arduino serving the empire..
  9. with dd kit there are severals modification from original project needed: - the battery should be moved inside the pipe and replaced with cylindrical batteries (for example 2x 18650 li-ion 3.7v) - the arduino board should be moved inside the receiver, wich internal resin should be removed - speakers should be smaller (i don't remember the internal diameter of DD pipe) - you will need to build an henglster counter to place the mp3 player and bar-led this is only a temporary list of the changes required but not having the DD kit may be others not mentioned in the meantime i just upgraded my arduino code because i noticed something about the laser effect: they added in post production a white smoke effect that last less than a second and disappears completely after the laser is gone.It does not always appear, but is mostly present in foreground scenes. so i updated the code adding a very short white light emission before the red light of the E11 laser delay(30); // pause to wait mp3 start digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //red digitalWrite(ledPin10, HIGH); //blue digitalWrite(ledPin9, HIGH); //green delay(1); digitalWrite(ledPin10, LOW); //blue digitalWrite(ledPin9, LOW); //green delay(80); // partial lenght of sound digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); delay(250); // pause to wait the sound finish would be nice to have a real smoke, which could be easily controlled by arduino adding a small device derived from green cigarettes, but it would be 'problematic its control (may be set only once every 10/20 gunshots or activated via a switch)
  10. found seller's facebook and website ---------- average price of others AEG is about 300USD..
  11. thank you guys i am here to give any assistance needed for building your arduino blaster p.s. i have found another seller on aliexpress that sells the small mp3 board at very cheap price, i just ordered 2 for future projects this is the address it's the half price than ebay same product
  12. after Asahi has discontinued it many years ago, a new company is going to put on the market a new asg replica of the sterling Mk4 at the end of January 2014 although it is not known the producer and the price
  13. i think yes you can control it via TTL serial commands with arduino but it needs 12volts
  14. you are right, for each button you need a 10 kohm pull-down resistor, as showed in this basic tutorial: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ButtonStateChange i edited the list in the first page
  15. that i tought too, i was quite surprised seen selling star wars armor in an official Lucas event..
  16. i have seen Movie Fx shop at Celebration 2 in Essen, selling armors full kit that means they are licensed ?
  17. here pictures of mines, after 3 events (Milan Comics, Roma Comics, Celebration II) as said above, i painted again only minor scratches i leave newspaper inside to keep the leather relaxed
  18. anyway before the event i just retouch with angelous where needed and i get the boots new as the first time
  19. did u clean boots leather with any solvent before painting? i also used the angelous and it still resist well after already some events i also used angelous paint on the textile, it cover well, but i noticed that it lost elastic property
  20. i heavly cleaned with turpentine, then painted 5 coats, 20 minutes dry time between each http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/22953-jodhpur-dye-boots/
  21. i have found for 12$ free shipping from china this electric rifle it is smaller but if transformed into a gun maybe it would be ok..
  22. you can get the code from the arduino e11 topic, there is the download attachment at the bottom of the first post. To read the file you will need the arduino compiler, link on the same topic and it's free of use of course
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