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  1. if someone need any information about this project, i will be at celebration Orlando on Saturday 15th
  2. i sent you a pm, you should change the code of the button 7 state from LOW to HIGH you have a normally closed trigger instead of normally open
  3. as for the bar graph you can easily change the light-up order moving up or down the code line of each bar-pin as for the sound issue can't help much, be sure to use DriveSort on the sd card as showed in the first page
  4. under many request to re-up the gone pictures posted in the early pages of this forum, i decided to start a facebook page where i published all the schematics and pictures about this project this is the address https://www.facebook.com/fxblasterarduino to view the schematics at max resolution, on every picture you need to select "option" and then "download" (it works only if you have joined facebook)
  5. i was refunded by paypal today i forgot to say that they even sent me an email telling that the item was dispatched without any tracking number i will not order anything from them anymore
  6. Sadly i had to ask refund to paypal.. after almost 3 months since payment for an E11 resin kit i have received nothing and they don't reply either trhough paypal. I ordered 2 kits in the past, when they were selling them trhough ebay and everything was fine. But not this time, not trhough their website.
  7. the 2 main pins (power pins) on led drivers should be removed
  8. i know, maybe you can check some arduino tutorials; i started this job with just a simple test: turning on a led with a microswitch in the meantime i finished the scheme of the version with smoke generator e11_ver_5_WT5001_SMK.zip
  9. and here a new version with smoke machine addition! the fog machine is from RC car toys, sold for just 20 euro over ebay china (oil included). It is made by: a small board that control the intensity of smoke a small electric pump a (?) resistor that burn safe oil to control it by arduino i had to use the servo library and a small transistor as power switch. With the servo library i can control fog intenstiy, with transistor i can turn it on and off when i need. So that's all, it was made especially for boba flame thrower weapon but it can be used with any weapon stored in arduino, as E11 fire as it was seen on ANH i will add the scheme
  10. well done! i am working on a new set with a new feature almost finished
  11. their store on ebay doesnt exist anymore, that's not good http://www.ebay.com/usr/doopydoos
  12. i avoided to use all pins to control each segment of led bar because so many wires would be hard to fit inside, hope you can do it
  13. here it is but i can't see neither http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/JohnDoe20001/media/arduino1_zpsj1ezy77g.jpg.html
  14. it's better you use a voltage regulator that you need only for mp3 amp and mp3 player because arduino mini pro has its own
  15. there is no need to change the code, i used an arduino pro mini to control the speaker of the helmet and no difficult to program it just get the 5volt version and the USB to RS232 converter to program it the digital pins and pwm pins are same number as arduino nano and get a 5v 1A voltage regulator to power the mini amp and the mp3 player, because, as you can see, it's not supported on that board.
  16. i don't remember specs of arduino pro min, just check u have enough pins and pwm pins the code should be the same
  17. it's cool but still i can listen too much noisy on background. I would try different speakers, differente amp, or adding a small capacitor to the mp3 power source.
  18. serial commands look differents from datasheet in china-english: i would try // play file 01 in folder 01 Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0x12); Serial.write(0x01); Serial.write(0x01); Serial.write(0xEF);
  19. yep it supports serial commands as wt5001 http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/download/product/Module/jq6500_mini_mp3_module/Datasheet.zip
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