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  1. good work and good luck with your project! sounds interesting the code mods you did You also added #2 RGB 3watt leds, but in your scheme i see only 3 drives , if so how can they power both? these drivers are constant current drivers, that means they give 320/350mA constant with variable voltage (max 1 watt); if you use them to power 2 leds the voltage will be the half (as well the light emitted by leds); but if you never use them at same time then it's ok.
  2. try add a debounce time, i did for the selector switch but i didnt' for the fire button cause i didn't experience your problem http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Debounce for the led not lighting, what is your power source? how many modules have you connected?
  3. still waiting the delivery of the mic amp modules but i think i will try in a more simple way (just powering the microphone using resistors and capacitor) as showed here http://www.epanorama.net/circuits/microphone_powering.html then it should work connected to the mini amp 3w
  4. i had problem with microphone, i can't amplify the voice simply using the mini amplifier connected to a condenser mic, i need something more specific i ordered this module some weeks ago, let's see if it will work when delivered
  5. maybe the ribbing is added over the suit
  6. The Force awakens stormtrooper undersuit -------------
  7. i love the look too, can't wait to build it the scope look a bit like this ASG optic
  8. Here we can discuss and speculate about the new troopers blaster as seen on ep.VII trailer From what i can see, it's an evolution of sterling, added lights, different scope, there is no holster, maybe the use magnetic
  9. nope, we are making confusion in this thread now are discussed two Sterling ASG ----------
  10. i don't know if it was posted, but there is a new airsoft sterling on sale this time is the L2A1 (that should look the same of L2A3, the one used on ANH) Estimated Arrival 12/2014: Matrix Full Steel WWII Sterling L2A1 Airsoft AEG Submachine Gunhttp://www.evike.com/products/50076/
  11. this picture is from our garrison member TB 1340
  12. i have all the components now, i just have to assemble them i don't like too much the microphone part, i might change something
  13. You are right, then it should work better a code like this //return hex from int int intToHex(int i) { return 0x00 + i; } TrackCounter2 = random(60,64); // play files random vader voice int trackHex = intToHex(TrackCounter2); Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0xA0); // A0 for SD card Serial.write(0x00); // high byte hex Serial.write(lowByte(trackHex)); //Track number - low byte hex Serial.write(0x7E);
  14. much better than the old one, hope the size is not too small
  15. the 100uf capacitor is already included in the led driver. On the capacitor terminals you will connect positive and negative of the battery (the "minus" labeled on the capactitor shows wich one is anode and cathode). the dim pin on the chip goes to the pin digital 9 of arduino that way you can control the power and the brightness of the led
  16. so i did it today i also changed the cd rom again this time i used a commercial cd rom because the reflective film is more resistant
  17. thanks, i will upgrade it soon with this reticle http://s69.photobucket.com/user/TheCloudwalker/media/ScopeRectilwb.gif.html have to buy a transparent sheet for color laser printer first
  18. i had lens from broken chinese binocular; i cutted a CD-Rom.. then placed everything inside the scope (no glue on the cd-rom part or the reflective film will tear out from the plastic) final.. the scope is not dead anymore
  19. yea sorry i mistyped something in the code now i reupload the right one (i also added minor mods) edit: i added the code with radio mode (hold button) also for previous mp3 player WTM-SD (as mine) and it's working great if you are going to update you will need the new mp3 files (pm me, or just add two files in folder advert02, named 013.mp3 for button sound, and 014.mp3 for radio stormtrooper chat, link in the first page)
  20. i just uploaded a new code in the first page that supports this WT5001 sound module and also add some new features: - long pressing of select button enter into radio mode, that means a loop mp3 file with stormtroopers voices (i used the one from the legion website) tha's a nice feature i think when you keep your blaster in the holster - a welcome voice of vader when turn on the blaster you need the sound files as i uploaded in the microsd card in orfer to make it works (pm me) also, after copied in the microsd card it needs to be ordered again or it will not work correctly. For that purpose i use a very simple software: http://www.anerty.net/software/file/DriveSort/
  21. in the meantime i could finally test the WT5001M02-28P sound board into a new E11 arduino set, and it's working great! it's even louder and more responsive than the old/bigger one now i have to finish to convert the code to make it compatible with this mp3 board; when ready i will share it here.
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