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  1. yep it supports serial commands as wt5001 http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/download/product/Module/jq6500_mini_mp3_module/Datasheet.zip
  2. i think it's normal, we should use ferrite and/or capacitors to have more clean sound. as for led bar how to detect anode and cathode just look at kingbright dc-7g3hwa datasheet pdf there is a very clear scheme where you can notice that the cutted corner is Anode side
  3. did u find the right positive and negative side on the led bar?
  4. did you try to invert HIGH/LOW in the code of your trigger switch?
  5. It might be not enoght ampere / volts for your driver, try ysing other external power supply 8v / 12v 1 ampere to your drivers
  6. from your code i see: //-------------------------- WEAPON 1 --- BLASTECH E11 SINGLE FIRE MODE // play file 002_E11_single.mp3 Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0xA0); Serial.write(0x00); Serial.write(0x02); Serial.write(0x7E); //-------------------------- WEAPON 2 --- BLASTECH E11 - Rapid Fire (3 shots per trigger pull) // play file 003_E11_multi.mp3 Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0xA0); Serial.write(0x00); Serial.write(0x03); Serial.write(0x7E); //-------------------------- WEAPON 3 --- BLASTECH E11 - STUN // play file 004_E11_stun.mp3 Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0xA0); Serial.write(0x00); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0x7E); //-------------------------- WEAPON 4 --- BLASTECH E11 Tie FIRE MODE // play file 008_TIE_.mp3 Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0xA0); Serial.write(0x00); Serial.write(0x02); Serial.write(0x7E); the blaster sound for weapon 4 is linked to mp3 file name sorted as 2, so it can't be 008_TIE_.mp3 remember my instructions on the first message and instructions inside the code: sound tracks numbers need converxion to hexadecimal letters/numbers you can use the script in this website: http://www.statman.info/conversions/hexadecimal.html example: if track number is "10" ---> "A" hexadecimal // start sound Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0xA0); // A0 for SD card Serial.write(0x00); // track high byte Serial.write(0x0A); // track low byte Serial.write(0x7E); if track number is "280" ---> "118" hexadecimal // start sound Serial.write(0x7E); Serial.write(0x04); Serial.write(0xA0); // A0 for SD card Serial.write(0x01); // track high byte Serial.write(0x18); // track low byte Serial.write(0x7E); it's very important the order of the files saved in the microsd... Even if the files are named 001.mp3, 002.mp3 ecc... this sound module will read the files in the order they were added on the card, that means it will not respect the order by files name (and that means you can't call the mp3 files by name order with arduino code!). That's why you need to sort them after copied, follow the instructions on page 1 of this topics as far as for the green led on pin 9, it seems ok, try to test it, turning on few seconds at startup, maybe it's a soldering problem
  7. cool! keep in mind that if you use my code, when you change weapon it should keep memory of the ammo available for each weapon.
  8. the pwm input on led driver is needed to turn on and off the led via pwm-digital pin of arduino (PWM pins: 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11.) with PWM you can control LED brightness
  9. wow great work, the most powerful kenner e11 blaster i ever seen nice selection of sounds too! just one thing, i would paint black the battery
  10. I am working on the voice activation i successfully swapped the button switch with a tiny transistor, now i can turn on and off the voice changer digitally via arduino next, the sound sensor connected to arduino should activate the voice changer when detects that noisy is higher than a given threshold and turn off when is lower, followed by the static burst effect the problem is the sound sensor i am using is very low quality and not fit the project, must find another IC
  11. we can add voice activation adding a small arduino powered by the same batteries (supports 3.3v-12v) that control a sound sensor connected to the voice changer switch with a transistor i will test it when i have all the components.
  12. very well done! happy to see that another arduino blaster was born and i should paint mine again following your tips, really like the finish look
  13. nope i was too busy.. for now i suspend it and move to the easy way (disney voice changer)
  14. just bought one from disney store online, i will try to install on my helmet as well maybe i should keep the activation button on the ear or swap the button with a sound activation module
  15. yes sure i finally found an easy scheme for the microphone part, i will test it connected with the mini amplifier and speakers. If it works, i can complete the project. But that will be after celebration in anheim, where i am going to.
  16. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26088-new-airsoft-mk4-l2a3-soon-on-market/page-4
  17. in that case there are 3 possible explanations 1) the 2 rgb leds are not rated 3 watt, that means that each color is not rated 1 watt, that means that each color doesn't need around 350mA at 3 volts (watt = ampere * volt) or 2) the 2 rgb leds are rated 3 watt, but they don't light at the same time (thanks to arduino) or 3) the 2 rgb leds are rated 3 watt, they light at the same time, but, in this case, they can't perform full light because the amperage supplied by the driver (350ma@3volts=ca.1watt) would be the half needed by the 2 leds connected in parallel (700mA) that's just the theory, if you are not having problem with that keep up the good work your are doing
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