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  1. as i did i also used the magnets to keep assembled before drilling an hole on each side (i didn't used the rivets but the 2 screws i presume assigned to the green visor that i am not going to install). Anyway i am getting troubles more than i could expect on both "ears". They are not going to cover the gap with the helmet so i think i have to trim a bit more the borders of the the helmet and, after installed the third screw, i am going to use hot air to shape a bit the abs around the "ears" and fill the gaps. What i noticed is that "ears" are cloned, there is no difference between left and right, maybe that affect the shape in the wrong way. -------------
  2. yesterday i trimmed the eyes, ears and the border of the helmet now next steps will be - paint black inside (to avoid to show eyes when people use camera flash) - cut teeth - paint ears - assembly i think assembly will not be easy because there is no reference where to drill holes on the front section and the helmet wont stay togheter untill properly assembled.. ---------
  3. today i just got mine, great armor, very good ABS quality now the work begins..
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