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  1. Thanks, but I am going to keep it. I plan to put the armor together. But first, the other two helmets.
  2. I think I bought it off the Bay early 2008 and just stuck the box in the garage. I just rediscovered it a few months ago and was meaning to post pictures of it. I am not good at identifying the different styles of armor and helmets. If sanding, would I need to sand the whole helmet? The paint is peeling off in small strips. The tube stripes are stickers and seem to be ready to come off. I will leave this one as is for a while and keep it on the shelf. I am a curse to helmet projects. Months later, my TE2 is still unfinished because I botched the painting and the MRCE is not a happy camper either.
  3. Found this helmet in my garage with armor and boots. I don't know when I bought it or who I bought it from. It has some damage to the front. Can it be fixed? If yes, what you recommend? It is signed inside.
  4. My favorite reference for TX armor was 'Baby Vader'.
  5. Greetings and Welcome; I know where Visalia is ... I pass by multiple times each month enroute to Kern County or going home to Fresno County. Sometimes I even drop into town. You can get to Sequoia National Park from there.
  6. My pair arrived and fit nicely, especially after I removed the foam that was packed inside the boots.
  7. Beware of little ones ... especially if they attach themselves to your legs.
  8. I just came upon this one. Why be a stormtrooper if you're a girl? I can't always follow the herd nor what other people think is the correct role for a female. I am not exactly the Princess Leia type. Me as Leia would be, if not scary, then quite unsightly. I have always liked the stormtroopers. At 5'9", I am not that much shorter than the other TKs. It does not bother me that folks think I may be a guy. I work in a male dominated industry, and until recently, I played a contact sport (co-ed ice hockey - goalie). So no fuss in my book. A lot of times it's the kids who catch on the TK is not a guy. It does not appear to bother them. I just put on the armor, go out and have fun.
  9. Welcome to the kingdom of white armor, spandex and the never ending question which never gets answered ... I spent how much for what ...?
  10. foggy

    FISD stickers?

    I have a couple left. PM me.
  11. Very nice. Awecome skills you got there. Your daughter has a great dad.
  12. Looking good. I hope to get some time in with mine this week.
  13. You guys are fantastic! Thank you all for the advice. I have printed the advice and will incorporate it all into my next efforts. I paint in the backyard after 6:30 pm. The helmet sits on a paper towel holder which in turn sits on a table. Helmet and paper towel holder go into the garage an hour or so after painting. I am now thinking about putting the TE2 on hold after sanding it. I am also working on a MRCE helmet and will use that one as the painting lesson. It's finally ready to be primed. The TE2 is destined for TD. Again, thank you.
  14. Always enjoy reading your posts. Having been self employed at one time, I can totally relate. Take care of yourself and stop by from time to time and let us know how you are doing. With or without armor, you are one of us.
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