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  1. Its not too often i see Incinerator Troopers and its always a plus to have another Jarred about how long did it take you from start to finish???
  2. Not only is this probably the best TD build to date, but the pics are AMAZING Rolf!! Your build is what i truly hope mine to be sometime down the road in the future. Yours is basically......... PERFECTION!
  3. Sweeeettttttt, i cant wait to have that feeling when my first big brown box of goodness arrives! Its also awesome to hear your wife is into the hobby as well. Cant wait to see some more pics of both builds as they progress.
  4. This story was so well written and makes me want my first set of Armor, like NOW!! I truly cant wait to have that very first experience of suiting up and seeing the kids faces as we all march out. One thing ive come to realize is that patience can be a big virtue, especially when it comes to our hobby. But now after reading this trooping story im def gonna try and put my first troop into words when it happens. What an amazing story gaz and id also like to hear the story of fighting to fit your Armor, it can most def provide some great info for newcomers like myself.
  5. Congrats on the build and getting approved! Great overall job Jarred.
  6. Looking REALLY good so far Kevin I to am gonna be picking up my first set of Armor within the next few weeks. Im a little nervous about putting it together lol, def DO NOT wanna mess anything up. But hopefully with all the great people and info here i wont run into that problem. Def keep us updated with some more pix as you continue your build.
  7. Karin your Lid is coming along extremely well so far. I cant wait to see how it turns out. Plus i must say that the frown looks perfect.
  8. I dont really have many words to say other than........ ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Your Skytrooper Armor looks so awesome, i wish i had a set lol.
  9. Looks like an AWESOME event and glad to hear you had an amazing time. So your first troop was a memorable one and im sure there will be plenty more to come
  10. Ive gotta say i also prefer the Stunt over the Hero. The Stunt just looks so much more on point and i think the Hero face protrudes too far outwards. I guess its all personal preference but ill always stick with Stunt first
  11. Def looking really good so far. But like Banano already stated above, you need to remove a little paint from the frown area. Other than that ur off to a great build and id love to see some more pics if you have em.
  12. It def frustrates the hell out of me that people go on eBay and try and trick people. Someone who doesnt know to well or doesnt do their homework will someday be gullible and purchase this for an outlandish price. I truly hope NO ONE purchases this helmet unless its sold for what its really worth and thats not much.
  13. I def prefer a ANH bucket over a ESB but you did a really nice job on your ESB. I love any kind of wear job and i think yours looks awesome with the chips. Great job overall!!
  14. Def cant wait to see how this turns out. Looks like ur gonna have an amazing E-11 on your hands when ur finished.
  15. What an awesome book and an awesome addition to the Star Wars world. It def is expensive though, i figured it would have came in around the 250-300 dollar mark, not 500. But who knows, maybe down the road if they do ever mass produce it ill def be picking one up!
  16. That first picture is wallpaper material Just looks absolutely perfect IMO. Cant wait to see some more Trooping pics!
  17. I too soon to hope join the EI ranks. Purchasing my Armor within the next few weeks and shooting for EI. Id love to be a part of the first 300!!
  18. Your left forearm piece does look a little lower than the right. But other than that it looks spot on in my opinion. Your Armor is coming along really well Rob and i cant wait to see some more pictures. And nice E-11 by the way, i just picked mine up, just waiting for it to come
  19. Looks really really good so far Karin, looks like ur gonna have one sweet bucket. And i cosign on the first female TM build, strictly awesomeness!! Cant wait to see some more pics as your build progresses.
  20. Armor looks perfect fireblade. I hope to have mine looking just as perfect sooner rather than later lol. Great job
  21. Obi hit the nail on the head, the mold most def does NOT look like a MR build. Like Obi stated, the MR mold did not have the left eye bump like a TE or AP does. This just looks like someone trying to make a good buck off someone with not enough knowledge about the subject. I cosign.......STAY AWAY!
  22. dash thats one beautiful E-11. How much did you invest in it???
  23. I have yet to hear one bad thing about TM Armor. Even while being 6'2 i think ull be ok going with a set from TM. But you might wanna take a look at some RT-MOD reviews just to be sure, since they build for larger Troopers.
  24. I cant wait till their Lids start shipping and we hear some real feedback. So far all the picture ive seen look truly amazing and i hope to own one of their buckets for myself sooner or later.
  25. Back a few years ago it was alot harder to come by Armor and alot more expensive. Now there are so many different options and alot of them are affordable. Im piecing together all the different items and parts I need to make my first TK. One thing ive learned while lurking here on the forums for awhile is to def be patient. But I cant wait for the day my first Armor arrives!!

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