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  1. Sorry to hear about this! I hope that newcomers spend some time reading up on this to fully understand the extent of what has happened.
  2. Please check this out guys, this is a rare clip from Britain aired at "ATV Today" 17th of January 1978. It features a screen used ANH armor from a Toy Fair. The costum------------
  3. Just saw this familiar set of helmet and armor when watching a vintage Kenner commercial: Make sure to check it out! It looks like they used a hero helmet for the scenes with the Stormtrooper
  4. Oooops, looks like we got a mispositioned-lens-situation! Nevertheless, imagine how awesome it would've been to see these guys back in the 90s!..considering most of the (very few) costumes for the general public at that time was Marco-styled Stormtroopers and what-not. :excl: Thanks for sharing these pictures! I love these 90s (old-school) pictures, it's great to see how much the quality and finish of these suits have improved during these years. --------
  5. ah..this reminds me of back in 2007 when I almost bought a set of the Disney armor on the bay. It was without the helmet though. Don't remember what made me change my mind though. From what I recall, the armor was trimmed just like yours, with the biceps and thighs being very 'short'.
  6. Most of my cracks on my HIPS armor are found around the chest and abdomen armor (return edged). Looks like it has something to do with how the armor is put when stored as well, mine is put inside a hard shell suit case, and the chest plate experiences some pressure from the front.
  7. Oh...woops, I meant Museum Replicas/Windlass Studios, and not Master Replica.
  8. When seeing the following promotional image, the Stormtrooper clearly struck my eyes. I assume the picture to be an LFL official promotion image, but what kind of armor is used? The shoulder bells got the ROTJ-styled raise, while the hand plates are clearly ESB/ROTJ. The helmet looks like ESB. Is the Stormtrooper maybe a 501st member with ESB armor hired in for LFL to take this promotion picture? What do you guys think? ------------
  9. Wow! I am an oversea chinese myself. And it makes me happy to see that your are growing strong in numbers! Do you mind sending me the link to the China Mainland Outpost forum? I used to hang out there, but I think the forum has changed address since, because I can't access the website anymore. And, please say hello to Picard, Bing-Gan and Even (Song Y.Fan) for me!
  10. Hehe, I actually bought AAs "Making of DVDs" when they were released a few years back, imagined I could get a glimpse of any original parts or rare-photos, but they were not to be seen. I find the angle grinder part pretty hilarious - as a matter of fact, I find his whole chapter with "sculpting" the helmet hilarious. I can't see how on earth he can try to make people believe that one make such sculpts by starting from a basic shape of aluminium dust, resin and fiberglass, for then to use power tools to "sculpt" in the details. That is beyond the principle of the principle of sculpting, which has been an art perfected through centuries. And the way he explains how he created the vocoder part on the helmet, that is hilarious.
  11. With regards to AAs "tutorial" videos of how he "made" the moulds. May I come with a suggestion, why don't people in this community team up together with Mr.Muir and make a video themselves? For instance, showing the real sculpting techniques by using clay, cast this in plaster and final detailing on the clay mold(together with Mr.Muir's assistance and narration). Covering all the aspect that AA failed to show in his video. With a proper camera in a decent environment, I am sure this will have an effect. This video could easily be put on youtube or on the facebook page. Too bad I don't live in UK, I would have volunteer to do a this kind of project
  12. Wow, this is why I love the ROTJ helmet as well!!! Awesome!
  13. The item description should be engraved in steel and given to the buyer with the sale of the helmet. Nice find! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Wow...wow, wow. This is the closest to the LFL Archives I would ever get. Amazing job, pure awesomeness!
  15. Nice! Making an officer uniform is quite a task! I wish I had some sewing skills.. Don't forget to stop by the Imperial officer corps Forum!
  16. I think discolorization is quite normal, especially around places which are exposed to a lot of wear, i.e back of the knees, inner part of biceps etc. I don't know about others, but my armor has some black "stain marks" left from the black undersuit, but these are barery noticable when I troop.
  17. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by the FISD. I remember reading a thread just like this over at the replicapropforum from a guy who also worked with these suits. As with what people have said before, I also think you should stick with the ROTJ styled armor concerning the performer's comfort and mobility. IMO the following changes would drastically improve the accuracy of the suit: 1) The shoulder bell should be cut shorter so it doesn't overlap the biceps like it does now. 2) Improve the helmet by redoing the face plate, especially the front. I would suggest to use reference pictures from www.starwarshelmets.com 3) Redoing the chest plate so it doesn't overlap the abdomen plate, this will also improve basic mobility for the performer. Although there are changes I'd like to see to be made, I must admit I think you've done a great job with the back. I did remember seeing the Disney suit in person when we were working on the Star Wars The Exibition in Sweden. I did remember it being very sturdy and stiff (fiber glass), one of our troopers also helped the staff do some repainting of the helmet (using the correct blue for the tube stripes etc).
  18. Nice observation! One theory could be that they used painted HDPE for the ears (the same ears they had for the stunt, which were made in the same material), while the HERO face plate and dome were white ABS?
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