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  1. Nicely done! THink i can have a picture to see how the inside of your bucket looks like? =D
  2. Yep, know what you mean. I had to repaint twice after tossing in a couple of nuts to shake it with.
  3. Just make sure u stir it real well before use. I had a 'too dark' coz i didnt stir it well enough.
  4. U sir, just made my bucket a dream bucket! Gonna grab one off u!
  5. Used to have one of those. Definitely a Rubies. Not practical enough to even toss around like a normal bucket. It'd break just by tossing an iPhone at it >.<
  6. Thanks for the post. Since the building of my armor, i never really got a good look to the TK and CA boots, but this post really REALLY helps! ^^
  7. Welcome to the forums. I mostly love reading this forum but rarely post unless i hit a brick wall >.< AP fits me fine as well ^^
  8. Amazing! This layout actually helped me out a lot for my final touch on the romfx ^^
  9. Nice tip ^^ will be doing this when I get my pair of tk boots!
  10. These are my mk2 vest pics on flickr, shoulder bells snap to it and thighs are buckled onto it.
  11. Foam + Webbing .. attached to helmet via sticky velcro spots/strips. bought some Grade6 Green lens and trimmed it. Fit it into that foam, attached to helmet with velcro sticky spots/strips as well Thats about it. Trim foam to fit. This is an AP helmet. Well this is pretty much what i did.
  12. Double posted by mistake. Deleted >.<
  13. i own an AP helmet as well but i ended up repainting it because i wasnt satisfied with the stickers. Sorry to post pics and all that, but its just sharing ideas of what i did. I do not have a TKID yet but i am trying hard to improve my armor as well >.< Inside - foam padded, stuck on with velcro. removable webbing and lens. Outside - Repainted my teeth, and gold screws painted white Used to use hot glue but it got messy. Here are pics of the old AP setup i had. Jagged gray paint because of using masking tape then peeling it off >.< Snaps to snap on lens, sticky foam to check how much padding i needed (wore these for like 5 months) Simple snap on lens, in case i need replacements or cleaning =)
  14. Ok, here is the thing. I have been modding and adjusting my armor troop after troop to make it comfy for me. But here is something i got stuck with .. the ROMFX! Excited to have it, but i hit a wall when it came to fit it into my armor. I have an AP armor, so the helmet is slighty smaller. The ROMFX comes with a speaker, soundboard, and a mic. I would like to know how the veteran troopers install it into their armors? So far i came up with these ideas .. Snap the speaker onto the vest (made myself, all limbs are connected to this vest) under the armor Mic inside the AP helmet Soundboard .. to tell u the truth, no idea. Its electronic and sensitive equipment. Are troopers allowed to carry small bags on their canvas belts to keep the ROMFX? Pls share your ideas =) I am stalled atm!
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