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  1. thank you for posting the pics <br><br> yes this is the newest elite...many changes and upgrades which i have been wanting to do for quite sometime...the master has basically been completely overhauled and the details are simply amazing...<br><br> any questions please PM or email me <br><br> lewis<br> lewis@hfxproductions.com
  2. John is actually being nice. You also need to add rent, workmans comp, and insurance....the margins become even more slim...and with a full blown loss it can be quite harmful...better off just shipping one for free, don't anyone get any ideas! The one thing that does concern me looking towards the future of our hobby are what types of laws that may come into effect within our own borders...
  3. Our general rule of thumb is to not ship outside the country... For Canada, we have some individuals that will ship to the border and have them transported across... Other countries can use alternate shipping methods...the UK and Australia seem to be the most difficult and have had ZERO success in getting them there aside from members buying while here and taking them back with their costumes... Like John and Nate, we all want members to have great products to troop with and try to be as accommodating as possible...
  4. International shipping has always been an issue. Being that we utilize PayPal most people are initially willing to accept the responsibilities if Customs stops the shipment. However, if something happens, as a viable business paying taxes and employees it does hurt when claims are made on PayPal hindering our ability to run the business.
  5. to help clarify things we updated the master using cleaner sterling parts and opted to cast certain parts separately for added detail the main body remains pretty much the same which will still make international shipping rather difficult hope this helps
  6. Here it is, the updated HFx Elite ANH E-11 HFx was the first to introduce separately casted rubber pieces to limit seam lines with detailed pieces all mastered from real sterling parts. To name a few: Front Tips Rear Caps Backsight Foresight Back Cap Catch Cocking Handle Continuously learning as we grow with this hobby and with the availability of better materials, we have again opted to rebuild our master and incorporate more separately casted pieces to include the following upgrades: Magazine Magazine Housing Bayonet Grip Folding Stock Bolt cover for ejector port Separate Scope Rail Allen head to cover spout on grip for better detail Magazine Catch Screw T-track to hide top seam We feel that even with the added costs and extra effort the end results are well worth it.
  7. I can easily hold the HFx with one hand...shipped weight in a box is 5lbs...hope this helps...pretty neat idea...
  8. Please do not do this...the chances of you being able to rig something to work is highly unlikely and you would be stuck with a ruined prop...these are rubber stunt props made for trooping...
  9. communication is important and I have another person that runs social media platforms so that I can concentrate on orders and shipping<br><br> feel free to email me personally at any time<br><br> lewis
  10. shawn just send me an email lewis@hfxproductions.com Just need to know your info and I will check the shipping logs...sorry if there is a slight lag
  11. trooperbay is a great place to grab these items from...
  12. I am partial to the HFx brand kidding aside...Lots of great points and info for the troopers... As long as everyone is having fun and sharing great info that is what matters most... Lewis HFx
  13. Hyper...can you please email when you get a chance...this is Lewis, the HyperFirm guy =) slavefive@cox.net
  14. slavefive

    SDCC 2012

    There wed-sun...Hard Rock =)
  15. Actually the mold is about ready...will have a small run available probably after SDCC later this month... Talk soon Lewis
  16. The Argos and Rospin costumes have appeared in several movies so far... Escape to Witch Mountain 17 Again
  17. ...I am in the midst of modding mine...I did notice that the frown portion was 'loose'... ...I hit all of the seams with CA...much stronger now
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