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  1. Thanks again everyone for the great info. I've got lots to think about. Time to examine the budget... again!
  2. Fantastic info everyone! I'll throw another wrench into the topic... DoopyDoo's kits. Part of me "just wants it done" and is leaning towards HFX. Part of me loves my old technical theater days and propmaking and is leaning towards the PP kit. Another part of me hates to wait and still loves propmaking and is leaning towards a DD kit. Then there is the crazy part of me who wants to build a demilled Sterling, but this part quickly gets squelched due to price, weight, laws/rules, etc.
  3. I'm on the waiting list for a Phoenix Props ANH E11, but I'm curious about the HyperFirm ANH E11 as well. What are your thoughts on both? Prices seem to be similar for cost+shipping for someone in the US. What are finishing tasks like for both? Which would you rather troop with and why? Discuss!
  4. Thanks for the tip! Make that "3" kits available.
  5. My girlfriend will be running in the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland from 01/14/2016 to 01/17/2016. I signed up for the "chEAR Squad". Anyone else sign up for this or will you be Trooping? We're hoping to meet some of you!
  6. My girlfriend and I both purchased Anovos kits on "Star Wars Day 2015". It's why we're here. Well, at least me at this point... she created an account but hasn't even posted an introduction message yet.
  7. Great info guys, thanks so much! I was wondering about the legalities of it too and it's just something I don't want to get into. I've seen steel pipes with the cutting guides online and I thought, "OH PERFECT!" Then my brain clicked and I thought, "Wait a sec... if I get one of those and mill it out and attach the demilled parts to it, it would look totally badass, but it's no longer demilled... hmmmm." I think for my first blaster, I'm going to go full resin or a resin parts kit with aluminum receiver like you mentioned Aaron.
  8. Doing much more digging, I've found several posts of people using demilled kits for their blasters. Not sure if I'm going to jump into this level of work right off the bat or if I'll just do a resin build. I'm one of those people who want to make the best possible build - this gets me into trouble now and then.
  9. I think it looks right on to be honest. There will be small differences in recoil springs - two coils could easily be the difference between a well-used/new spring and even just the rotation of the spring inside the receiver. There's also a small piece inside the spring behind the bolt in the pic I posted that isn't in your pic. That small piece can easily cover two to three coils to keep them from being "exposed". Look at the hinge point for the folding stock in both pics for reference. Judging by that small detail, again, I'd say you're right where you need to be. Looks great!
  10. I'm no expert... had to get that out of the way first. On the Sterlings, there are several coils to the rear of the receiver that have nothing behind/inside them (meaning "exposed"), then there are a few coils of the spring that go over the end of the bolt, so they aren't "technically" exposed. If say, three coils are over the bolt and the other nine coils are beind the bolt in the receiver (exposed)... wouldn't you be good? Edit: For example: On this Sterling, there are eight coils "exposed" and two coils over the bolt. Depending on how you rotate the spring, you should get the desired number of coils "exposed". Unless, you got a different spring other than the standard... then you may have to cut coils.
  11. I was wondering what the thoughts were on buying a Sterling demilled parts kit to use as an E11 base? The kits are demilled (include everything except the barrel and receiver tube from an original Sterling), so I'd have to get a few aluminum/resin parts along with the greeblies to complete the blaster. But before I did, I wanted to know if anyone has done this and if it's worth it.
  12. Thanks again to everyone for the fantastic welcomes! The build threads is a great idea, as well as working now on our blasters. I'm checking out info here and keeping my eye on the RPF JunkYard.
  13. I'm also very curious/concerned about just HOW much modding will need to be done to the Anovos gear to make them 501st approvable.
  14. I'm just too darn excited for our kits to arrive! One thing I have to start on now is a training regimen. I'm a bit more of a "Boba Fatt" than a lean-mean-TK right now.
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