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  1. Hi everyone.. I have taken apart my forearms which would have only fit Popeye.. https://imgur.com/6GktiDr 1. Is it reasonable to trim along the bottom forearm ,where the red line is. on both sides to make it smaller for me..? as advised the length is fine.. 2. The cover strip i have for this piece is 14mm and if i trim i will not have the entire flat surface where the pieces meet to lay the strip.. 3. How much of an issue with attaching the strips would this cause..? 4. I have begun making paste to repair the over trimmed teeth.. Thanks ahead of time..
  2. Yesterday, 06:21 PM A quick update for the brow an teeth on the helmet.. 1. Straightened the brow and lowered closer to the eyes.. 2. Tightened the teeth and brought them away from the mouth.. https://imgur.com/HCYmVDs https://imgur.com/z2gPa12
  3. Hi everyone .. Just dropping a few more pics of the semi-finished helmet.. I am also wondering what the thoughts are on my forearms.. 1. Im not sure if the right foreamr is a little long.. 2. I am 160lbs and 5'6" tall.. So Im short and scrawny for a storm-trooper.. 3. The forearms are definitely loose , so I am considering padding on the insides.. 4. Hopefully the strapping ( when installed) will also help with the fit and feel for the forearms.. 5. First is right second 2 are left.. Please let me know what you think.. Thanks.
  4. Guess I need to figure out how to get more photos up..
  5. Hi everyone, let me tell you a little bit about why I'm here. Along time ago , especially in dog years, in a galaxy far away, the next county over, I began volunteering for Special Olympics. I have really enjoyed the times I have spent with my ladies and gentlemen over the years and learned about the joys of giving. Along the way I started liking comics and after awhile I went to couple comic cons.. I would see a lot of people in all kinds of costumes and loved getting my picture taken with them and to talk to them about their costumes and what it took to make them. Also around this time I w
  6. Hi everyone glad to be here.. I have been doing charity work for over a decade ( Special Olympics and local library events). I also enjoy costuming, Sci-Fi, comic books, cons and pro-wrestling, figured I would fit right in.. I am starting my first adventure into a TK build of any kind. I got to meet 501st members at a couple cons in Pittsburgh and Erie and talked to them about what they did.. As an organizer for our local library's Comic con I realized this is just the kind of group to have at our small library con. After a few years of procrastination I decided it was time to join up and
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