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  1. TOM R

    wtb battle droid

    i apriciate the heads up but i believe i am looking for a company MLC in the phillipeans, think i found the guy has a tk # by the pic on the legion site it is definitly NOT the same guy
  2. TOM R

    wtb battle droid

    i had found a site where they were modding a fiberglass articulated 1:1 made by a company in the phillipeans now i can't find the link and search for the company turned up nothing
  3. does anyone know the name of the company that makes the life sized battle droid? or a kit
  4. next weekend for anyone intersted, i will be there wandering around working
  5. i ripped out the padding and painted the helmet flat black inside, then after trying several interiors I ended up buying a batting hlemet from walmart for like $10 +? and installed it with industrial velcro, i never removed the glue remanants from the old padding
  6. this may be of intrest to some of you guys, i think ghostbusters costume group will be there and rubies is suppposed to have some reps there also my friend is co hosting this event and I will be there helping out here is the link http://www.nationalhauntersconvention.com/
  7. WHAT I am using now is pretty much the same as the knee padding and while i love how guys helmets look with the knee pads i think it would get uncomfortable after an hour or so, 12 batting helmet is that the padding only or the whole helmet? I looked at some sports helmets but was unsure if the padding came out without tearing it, i also saw pics of the nonskid wrapped foam but is it able to be removed so you can clean the foam from all the sweat it soaks up?
  8. ok i must have a smallllll head since i seem to have a hard time finding something i can use to pad my mrce bucket, the stuff it came with left the helmet loose and almost sitting on my shoulders, while i was staring at the inside of the brow, i am 5'9"+ so i am an average size person, for now I bought a big neopreene kneeling pad for gardening and cut it up and shoved it in the helmet but it needs alot of refinement so heres the question what have you used and WHERE CAN YOU BUY IT, since i see lots of pics but no idea what it is or where purchased, pics are good too
  9. i was unable to login here for a while but bro I want to thank you and the other guys for helping me some with my armor, hopefuly we can all get together again soon and i can get some more done, for the $400 I paid for this new in box i am not sure i could have bought and assembled a fan made for the same and still would have had to do all the mods and fitting, this armor is thick heavy gauge abs not thin like some of the fan mades i have seen not that that makes a difference just wanted guys to know it is a rigid material that they used i was given a pair of calves and eventualy may start to fase out the rubies pats in lou of fan made so I match everyone else depending on how well we can make this set fit
  10. i also have the rubies, first thing is dump the helmet and get the mrce it is well worth the $100, next is start trimming back the openings on the pieces so they don't cut into your skin when you are trying to mov, you will need to cut off elastic and addvelcro, webbing, and snaps in places, worst part about this set is there is no left right on the arms you get 2 rights, the chest and back look small, and the legs are huge, it is like they didn't copy 1 sized set of armor they just grabbed a bunch of pieces from a pile and copied em, legs are for a big person chest for a small person abs and arms for an average person, i took mine to a ner build and we worked on it some but i still need to do more they took pics for comparison but don't know if they ever got posted, i might end up having to buy another armor eventualy
  11. ok then i won't be cutting it, i think the brow would be down over the eyes to look more sinister, like gi's and cops wearing the hat pulled down to conceal their eyes in the shadow of the brim
  12. ok since i am probly gonna start modding my mrce do all tk buckets have the raised brow? and how much did you raise it total in the center, 1/4"? personaly i like the brow on mine as is but guess i need to try to fit in somehow
  13. mine is assembled and painted except for the clips and the ends are stuck screwed on tight even though I lubed em <_< oh well looks good
  14. the whole problem is due to the fact that they used a real sub machine gun as a starter point and it was never intended(the real sterling gun) to be in a holster but carried from a sling, pistols can be right or left handed because the mag loads from the bottom, or like the mauser pistol that han solo carried which feeds ammo from the top off stripper clips because the mag is a permanant part of the gun
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