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Need expert advice on trooper kit


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Photos are a little low on resolution so hard to make out details. One piece that does pop out is the helmet, it's a 3 piece helmet which I have not seen for some years, could be an old NE armor (now AP)


This image is from an old NE build, same 3 piece helmet (top left)



You can compare other pieces in this build thread


I would check with your GML (garrison membership liaison) as to if the helmet will be approvable or not. I would dare say it would be noticed for higher level acceptance here on FISD.


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Hello Markus,

saw this kit also on kleinanzeigen.


For the other, this is the link:



Are you in the german garrison public forum?




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Hi Markus, and welcome to the FISD!  To better help you identify the maker of this armor, can you post up a few close-up photos for us?  I could also be an old set of AM with that 3 piece bucket


1.  Ears

2.  Face plate

3.  Ab mid-section (including button plates)

4.  Thermal detonator




The helmet decals look to have a blue(ish) shade similar to ESB, but they could have faded.  A close-up of those would help as well. ;)




We are here to answer any and all questions (no matter how many), so always feel free to ask about anything!


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13 hours ago, justjoseph63 said:

I could also be an old set of AM with that 3 piece bucket

I couldn't see any of the tell-tale tabs on the cod or posterior so I ruled AM out.


I did notice the larger ab plate has no return edge moulded in. 



Example AM cod posterior tabs



TD tube is also of the smaller size, ie: ATA, AP/NE (ATA normally lighter grey tube)



AM and AP both have some tell tale details in the large ab plate recess on the torso, small circle in lower corner







Compared to the image provided



I'm wondering if it's an older recast



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Hi Markus, If I may. 


If you haven't buy it yet , I would suggest to take a look to this section so you can see the options you have for the same or lower price.





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No worry, you can open a building thread here or into the German Garrison forum or Here to receive tips and feedback.


You can change the helmet and Ab plates in the future to be more accurate and to apply for higher levels badges.  


We are here to help. :salute:

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36 minutes ago, markus2810 said:

Was just watching an Rs Probmasters Ab plate; it looks quite similar to mine:can see no return edges .

Is it really necessary to change for higher levels?:engel:


What you would need to change for higher levels is the AB buttons plate, your Has no return edge 


                                                                                                                       Reference images

l8daR8q.jpg                 mDcCMxg.jpg?3    



Original screen used RS prop Master Armor 





Plan B would be to add an ABS plastic piece behind it, fill the seams with ABS paste and sand it.








Here's a tutorial on how to make the ABS paste.



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